End of our world?

Once again my news feed is full of terrible things. Horrors and terrors hard to imagine. And I wonder anew if our world is at a tipping point. Then I remember, we have been here before. Read more

The weight of life – reflections on Paris

There is a myth that the human soul weighs 21 grams. That there is shift in weight between life and death and proof that we are more than flesh and bone. I have had personal cause to consider the weight of life, the imprint left when someone loved suddenly leaves. Wanted desperately to feel that weight. For the world to feel that weight. When my newborn son died the impact on me and those around me was immense. But to the rest of the world, they only lost a promise. A whisper of what could have been.

As Paris grieves a day of tragedy and violence, I wonder once again at the differing weight of lives. To those that lost loved ones, their grief will be acute and unrelenting. Long after the news ceases its coverage, the gaping hole in their lives will remain irreparable. They carry that weight forever. For the rest of us, watching in horror and disbelief, the grief and outrage is different and potentially fleeting. It feels heavy right now but life will lighten the burden until the next tragedy weighs upon our minds. Read more