So I took both boys to a music festival … Woodford Folk Festival with kids

The Woodford Folk Festival has been something of a tradition in my family, ever since my sister and I won tickets in a radio competition as teenagers.  Back then, we stalked the toothfaeries and innocently wondered what that funny smell was.  I haven’t been since having the kids. In keeping with my commitment (Before Kids | After Kids challenge) to have more music in our lives, I decided this was the year to take the boys. So, donning our festival uniforms of gumboots and shorts, Master I (6), Baby E (17 months) and I set off to conquer Woodford. Or Mudford as it’s affectionately called as it ALWAYS rains.  It was either going to be a master stroke of brilliance or it was all going to come crashing down in a spectacular heap.  Read more