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Abuja, Nigeria - where to go and what to visit?

Abuja is one of the young modern cities. The city is specific mainly because it was built on a green field, and only recently. During the 1970s, it was decided to build a new city of Abuja in central Nigeria. Abuja was declared the capital of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1991. The city has many wonderful buildings, luxury hotels, sacred and political buildings.

Wandering around Abuja
The first and perhaps the most interesting building to visit is the building with a gilded dome and thin minarets, which is the National Mosque. The mosque has an upper floor for women's prayers and an Islamic clothing and bookstore. A beautiful view of the mosque arises not only on the day when the sun shines on it, but also at night. The mosque is also open to tourists outside of prayer time. An interesting sacred building and a wonderful architectural monument is the National Ecumenical Center, also known as the National Christian Center, the largest Christian center in Abuja.
Another and this time a creative stop is the Pyramid Art Center, located in the city center, which was built as a space that allows you to combine crafts, art and design. Here, artists can meet and talk about new artistic trends.

Entertainment and culture?
If you want to visit something with your children, head to Wonderland Amusement Park, which is located near the center and is a great place for entertaining children and adults. Children can also visit the National Children's Park and the zoo. This is a place full of playgrounds and various activities for children, where you can see African animals such as monkeys, giraffes, zebras and lions.
Abuja Arts and Craft Village is located in the central business district. Here you can not only see craft, craft and art events, but also buy some interesting products. You can choose from various drums, paintings, jewelry, masks and much more. Right here you can try to bargain for the price.
Another place to shop is Wuse Market, the city’s busiest and most popular market, open from 6 AM to 6 PM.
In Abuja, many festivals take place every year, such as the festival of jazz, film or theater.

What to visit nearby?
If you want to go on a unique journey out of town, go to the Usman Dam. After a 45-minute drive from the capital, there is a beautiful landscape dam where you can enjoy a picnic and relaxation. However, there is no way to buy snacks in the area. Visit Karlstein Сastle and take a little trip to the middle ages. This lock is incredibly beautiful as if it came from the pages of children's books about knights and kings! Walk inside the lock, look at the medieval interiors and learn the amazing history of this place.