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Art director resume

Art directors help to find a visual voice for ideas and brands. They are responsible for the creative part in advertising, develop promotional layouts, tv commercials, integrated campaigns, and interactive solutions. The salary of specialists is very attractive, and although it depends on qualifications and location, it is usually higher than the salary of designers.

The advantages of such a position are: demand in the labor market, opportunity to implement creative ideas, the prospect of further career growth, opportunity to establish useful contacts. The disadvantages are: high degree of responsibility; tight working schedule; the need to combine creativity with management tasks; psycho-emotional stress. 

If you decide to work at this position it is worth preparing a professional art director resume. But what should be included in such a document?

Creative form 

Of course, every art director should make a creative and eye-catching resume. The biggest mistake will be to look for free templates on the Internet because other applicants can use the same samples. After all, you should not look like someone else, your resume is required to be unique and interesting.

If you know how to work with visual editors, try to create a design that expresses your personality. If you don't know much about Photoshop, ask your friends to help you, or order a professional resume from a resume agency.

Detailed description of skills

To become a specialist in art direction you should have broad expertise and understanding of related fields. Communication skills and the ability to work with clients are also a must-have. It is better to list all the digital skills in a separate section: visual editors, video editors, sketching, and design software.

Among other important qualities that should be mentioned in the resume of every art director:

  • creative thinking
  • the ability to generate ideas
  • communication skills
  • punctuality
  • persistence
  • the ability to clearly express thoughts


Every art director should have an impressive portfolio. As soon as you start working, start collecting it immediately. Remember - you are a creative person, the portfolio should reflect this. 

Your portfolio can be organized in several ways. For example, you can create a separate website where a recruiter can take a look on the completed projects. In this case, you can add a website link to your resume. If you don't have time to develop a website, just create a separate file with photos, videos, and a description of your previous projects.

Zero errors

Art directors must be attentive to detail and make no mistakes in their writing. Try to check your resume several times before sending it to recruiters, because even a small error can destroy your self-brand. You can use many free online resources to check the text. Of course, you can find paid services or order the check from a linguist, but it may cost a lot of money. The easiest option - just to ask your friends and family to reread your resume and assess its readability and visual appearance.

In conclusion, an art director is a modern, in-demand, and promising profession that requires a combination of incongruities: creativity and organizational abilities. But everything is possible for those who have a goal. If you have realized that this specialty is perfect for you, make sure to prepare an exciting resume for the recruiters.