House Rules

Gears 5 - This is War (Act 1, Chapter 3 and 4) No. 2

You can search the area to collect ammunition, but here you will not find anything interesting. Continue to the mission goal. You will see Deebees who will destroy flying creatures. Go in this direction and get ready for battle. Hide right away to prevent snipers from hitting you.

Use the just-improved Jack to get through the fire and attack enemies from the flank. Get rid of everyone and move, opening the closed gate behind the position of the knocked out opponents (on the right).

Hotel and Outcasts

Go straight from the gate, but before moving on to the further part of the building, turn around and open the gate to gain access to the trailer of the van, and you will find a component there.

Open the door with Del. You will reach a very dark area, but Jack will help illuminate the path. Follow the corridor and turn into the room on the right to assemble the next component. Continue towards the light, and soon the scene will begin, after which you must defeat the first rogue. Aim at the heads, but watch out, because sometimes these opponents love to explode.

Go and move right. On the left there will be a room with a shotgun, on the right there will be a passage into a room with a large number of outcasts. The game will instruct you to quietly remove the first from behind. But, you cannot destroy everyone, so the battle will begin. Sit behind cover - most of the outcasts will come from the right side, this can be used and destroyed by several grenades.

Then go around the road that the enemies were approaching. Go down to the lower level and get rid of a few more, then continue to open the large door to the next room. There, climb the stairs, collect resources and go through a narrow passage next to the solemnly laid table.

Then an ice ax, and you (surprise!) Fight with another outcast. There will be many, so be careful. Keep moving so as not to overload. If you have a Lancer, use a saw to kill the enemies. There is also a minigun on earth, so use it. After the battle, continue to walk through the door to the right.

When you come forward, a swarm will fall into the room. Use a minigun, but be careful not to overheat. You can also use other weapons. It is important to avoid charging such a herd. After defeating unpleasant enemies, go to the door at the end. You will go out into the street where the battle takes place. Help COG soldiers fight Roy.

The boss in the theater

You need to hide behind shelters, and shoot your heads. Call for reinforcements, and when the herd appears, quickly destroy them so that they do not capture your companions. After the battle, go straight ahead and meet Keith and Marcus at the entrance to the theater on the right.

Following your companions through the rooms, look around because there are few weapons and supplies. In the end you will reach the building. At the very end on the left is a switch that raises the curtain - make sure you have a lot of ammunition before clicking on it. Behind the curtain is the boss.

The rules are simple - shoot the orange dots on the boss's body.

However, it is easy to fight, because this enemy practically does not move. So hide behind stone columns (wooden shelters are easy to destroy, so do not use them). Also beware, because there will be outcasts that will make your task a little harder.

After the battle, leave the stage and go right, and then exit the upper lobby. After the scene you have to fight with a big monster. As soon as you inflict some damage on him, Cole will effectively finish him off - all you have to do is shoot the car that was stuck in the head of this mutant to finish the shootout. Naked girls show their body on webcam. Chat is system the operation of the site, actually, hence the second name – livesex with naked girls online, porn chat girls naked dirty talk for money. Models, guys or women install in their homes Webcams that show in free porn chat online their sex with the help of the Internet on your computer. Go to the porn chat and choose the most beautiful partner.