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How is it to listen actively?

What is hiding behind baby thorns?
The fast pace of modern life makes people more at work, at business meetings and less at home. All this leads to a shortage of time that adults spend with their children. The lack of communication with parents turns into psychological problems for the younger generation, and it would seem that the easiest way to solve them is to spend more time with the children, but there are also pitfalls here. The child has his own experiences that parents do not always want to notice. The child does not obey, and the parent has the impression that he is just acting up, but in fact all these thorns are signals that he needs attention and understanding.
How to make communication with children less conflicting and more effective, how to relieve tension in relationships? In response to all these questions, a methodology that is actively developed by the followers of Julia Gippenreiter, a famous Russian child psychologist, author of the famous book “Communicating with a Child. How?".

How to solve the problem of misunderstanding?
Julia Gippenreiter offers modern parents a well-known training communication technique called active listening. The essence of this technique is that the adult must establish contact with the child: first, the visual, that is, you need to turn to him, lower or sit next to your eyes are on the same level, then verbal. At the same time, it is very important to note that the parent should speak a little, he does not ask questions, he speaks in affirmative sentences, pauses.
The successful use of this technique will be evidenced by the fact that the child will begin to talk about his experiences on his own. In addition, he will have a feeling that they hear and understand what modern children lack so much. Here is an example from life:
Mom returns home late and her daughter greets her with a displeased look:
- Mum i want to eat.
- Are you hungry? pause
- Yes, there is something else in the refrigerator.
- Do you want something tasty? pause
- Yes, I want spaghetti!
Despite the fact that this contradicts all the rules of the mother, she warms her daughter's food, after which the daughter runs up to her, says how bored she is, tells everything that happened during the day and promises not to eat often at night.
Or, for example, a frustrated son comes home from the street, does not want to tell what happened, breaks down on his father:
“I won’t go outside anymore.”
- Did something happen today? pause
- Yes, I will not play with Sasha anymore.
- He offended you? pause
Then the boy tells the whole story that happened on the street with him, they discuss the problem together and decide what to do next time.

Speak less, listen more and the truth will be revealed to you
It should be noted that the first time it is not always possible to successfully use the active listening technique. This is due to the fact that it is difficult to pick up the first words and observe pauses, it is easier to ask. It is difficult to rephrase the words of the child, and challenge him to an active story. In addition, this method is most successful if the child is offended and distressed. At first it will take a lot of time and effort, but the effect is worth it. After some time, the child will feel that they are interested not only in his ratings and health, but also in his feelings. Soon he will respond with gratitude and will try to concede to his parents. A whole bunch of other people, as shy as you, also use sex video chat, and at any moment ready to get in touch with you to communicate. Thousands of girls are looking for guys to fulfill their intimate fantasies sex chat like an anonymous community that has managed to gather in itself, and unite people who think in the same plane, and want the same thing. Namely, use free sex video chat to find a partner, and meet mutual fantasies with him.