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How to grow a green garden in winter?

Outside, white and white, and so I want bright colors. A small winter garden will delight you not only with its beauty, but also with healthy products.
It is doubly nice that all the greens are grown by their own hands and it is known for sure that no harmful fertilizing was carried out.

So let's get started.

For beginners, we recall that a prerequisite for a winter garden is a constant temperature and good lighting. Therefore, you need to grow greens on a large windowsill or on the balcony.

The place is chosen, we choose the plants themselves.
Suitable for the winter garden: basil, onion, marjoram, mint, chervil, oregano, parsley, rosemary, dill, salad and some other crops.

Basil - sown with seeds or propagated by cuttings. To get a stalk a twig is put in water. As the roots appear, the plant is transplanted into the ground.
Seed germination of 7 days, rooting of cuttings - up to two weeks.

The earth should be loose, it would be nice to add coconut fiber to the pot.
Basil needs to be rejuvenated - constantly picking leaves.

Onions can be grown in soil and in water. When grown in water, water needs to be changed. Often loosen the soil, regularly water it.

Marjoram is sown with seeds, germinate in a week. The grown seedlings dive.
He likes frequent watering.

It is better to plant mint with seedlings, the bush grows quickly. Care is the easiest - periodically water.

In the far corner you can put a pot of chervil, a shadow is more suitable for him.
Loves water very much.
Sown with seeds, soak the seeds before sowing, germinate after 2 weeks.
Planted on lightweight soil in a pot with drainage. When it reaches a height of about 5 cm, it requires thinning and seating.

Unlike peppermint and chervil, oregano loves the sun and coolness (no higher than 20 degrees). Sow seeds or plant seedlings. Seed germination in two weeks.

Watering must be done carefully so that there is no excess moisture. A drainage pillow is made in the pot.
Parsley is sown in fertile soil. Loves the light and cool. Water often, but not plentifully. Make a drain in the container.

Rosemary propagated by cuttings, planted immediately in the ground, cover with a glass or transparent plastic jar. After 14 days, the stalk root. Loves the light, cool. When planting, they make a drainage in the pot. Water rarely, but plentifully.

And now dill - sow seeds. Sand is added to the soil, moistened and covered with peat. Do not water immediately. Moisten to seedlings by spraying. The grown plants need to be thinned out, well watered and loosen the soil. Loves the light.

Salad - carry out the sowing of seeds in a container of at least 20 cm, lay the drainage layer on the bottom. The rows are not sown densely in rows, but a large distance between rows is made - about 15 cm. They are covered with cellophane and, after about 5 days, they are removed. Young plants are thinned out. Watering every other day, you can simply spray abundantly. $5 deposit online casino nz