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How to choose a decorative pillow for a sofa

Someone will say that this is a rather banal question, but it is he who very often makes you think seriously. There are some recommendations from friends, family, and just acquaintances who, to one degree or another, help solve this dilemma. Although without the advice of a true professional, it is problematic to figure it out. This article describes some of them to help anyone who comes across this. Therefore, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the material to the end.

Of course, a pillow for a sofa is not only a practical subject, but also a beautiful decoration of the interior. Therefore, it must be understood that the selection of the shade is of great importance. In no case should you buy pillows that will match the color of the sofa. This choice is not successful due to the fact that everything will merge and look not in contrast.

Another mistake is considered to be the option when the color of decorative pillows is selected in one color with curtains. This is no longer fashionable! The only exception is when the style of the interior is performed in the vintage direction, when every detail must be imbued with antiquity.

But what to do to make such accessories look very stylish and match modern interior styles?
Use different textures. For example, very often sofas for the living room choose velvet or very soft. In this case, one should give preference to glossy pillows that will create contrast. Faux leather looks just perfect;
When the interior of the room is made in cold shades, the pillows are selected so that their color is as contrasting as possible, for example, yellow or scarlet;
All the patterns on the pillows must be combined with each other, but at the same time have some slight difference. This recommendation sounds rather confusing, but in fact everything is simple. If the pattern is chosen in the style of geometry, then no flowers or leaves can be displayed. Lines - means lines, and if circles, then only circles. It is impossible to combine that which contradicts each other.

Whatever the choice of visual design of decorative pillows, one should not forget that the main role is played by their number. According to all the rules, designers recommend using no more than 7 pieces in one room. This amount will be enough to create comfort and harmony in the living room. All guests of the room will be pleased with such design and decoration of the space. Girls suck cock and build eyes guys on the other side of the screen, earning respect and money, of course. Live video chat, sexy webcam girls & home free cam porn Watch and download for FREE thousands of webcam porn videos and premium sex cam clips of famous pornstars and sexy teen girl models. Forget about free porn sites that only offer sex videos and try our live sex cams that provide instant live connections with the hottest cam models.