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Locked Out Of My Car – Now What?

As a beginner, there are lots of things you still need to get used to when behind the wheel. Getting used to adjusting the right speed, driving during rush hours, and paying attention to the rest of the drivers on the road can take some time. If you are ready to take control of your car for the very first time, you may feel a mix of emotions, ranging from excitement or anxiety and fear. Sure, you've passed the driving exam and you've studied all the driving techniques – so you are prepared, at least theoretically. But there are lots of other aspects you should know of before driving for the first time. The more mindful you are when you are getting ready to drive, the better off you will be on the road. And the less likely you are to deal with pesky problems such as accidentally leaving the keys in the ignition and locking the automated door on your vehicle.

Set Up A Ritual Before Getting Ready To Drive

Set up a ritual of grabbing your car and home keys before leaving the house to go to work or school in the morning.

Double-check if you have all your keys on you, and never close the door to your house behind you, especially if it locks automatically before you know for a fact that you have everything you need on you.

Place your car keys in a bowl in the lobby, or hand them in the clothes hanger so you can spot them before heading out.

Set up a similar process for the keys to your vehicle. Never get out of the car before you are absolutely sure that you have pulled the keys out of the ignition. Make sure you leave nothing of value behind. You might think that it won't happen to you, but you never know when the stress of driving for the first time might cause you to lose track of what you are doing and lock the keys in. sure you can contact a good auto lockout service in town, but when you are in a great hurry to go somewhere, waiting for 30 minutes (the best case scenario) will seem like an eternity. Therefore, always make sure the service you are calling actually has emergency service, not only 24/7 call center! 

It is best to prevent than to cure. Why get ready to pay for an emergency lockout service when you can learn how to be more careful with your keys and avoid having to hire them in the first place?

The more organized you are, and the more attention you pay to your bag, phone, and keys, the less likely you are to go through the hassle of a lockout. Just like you have your own shower ritual, you can develop one for getting in and out of your car.

I'm Locked Out – What Do I Do?


If this is tour first time going through a lockout from your vehicle, you need to start by remaining calm. Check if all doors are locked – you might be surprised to see that you still have an unlocked door to use.

Do you have a spare key? This is about the time to use it. If you have left a copy with one of your friends, give them a call and ask them to bring it do you.

If there's no spare and no other safe way of getting back into your car, it is time to call an emergency locksmith or a towing service.