House Rules

Found-2, 2011

Anya and Nikita are a married couple. After twenty years of fruitless waiting, Anya finds out that she is pregnant, and go to the examination. Nikita is worried, because this is not the first pregnancy of Anna, but she still failed to give birth, and Anya is not so young as before.
In the ward, Anya met Dina, a tactless girl who talked about various problems that arise with old-born mothers. It’s hard for Anna to be in the same room as Dina. Over time, she learns that Dina is a surrogate mother and is pregnant with her third child for sale. The girl refers to her, as yet unborn child, as a quality fruit for sale.
The unscrupulous Dina decided to enrich herself even more on the mountain of buyers and raised the price for the child. Future parents have no more money, and they are forced to refuse. Dina's surrogate motherhood agent, Nadezhda, is trying to find new buyers for the baby. Seeing such a strong desire of Anna to become a mother, Nadia decided to talk with Nikita.
With various persuasions, the agent managed to get Nikita to meet. Nadezhda spoke about all the problems encountered by old-born mothers and their children, trying to scare a man. But Nikita held steady, and refused her services.
Hope decided to act more radically. She forced Dina to pour Ana into the water a medicine that would provoke a miscarriage. While Anya was on a walk, Dina added medicine to her water. After the walk, Anya drank some water and went to bed. The woman became ill, she tried to leave the ward to call for help and fainted. Due to the low concentration of the drug in the water, the child was not injured.
At this time, Nikita helps a young couple Pasha and Zhenya to return the apartment. She was to be inherited from her grandmother by her granddaughter, but the state allegedly took the apartment for non-payment of utilities. Nikita began to deal with this matter, but as it turned out, it was only a small cell of a huge system of apartment fraud.
Nikita was a lawyer by profession and had very great connections among influential people, but even they advised him to stop messing with this apartment. However, he decided to go on principle and return the apartment to its rightful owners. Nikita filed a lawsuit.
On the day of the trial, Kamaz threw Anna into a ditch with a car. No wonder they say that happiness must be earned. Anya and Nikita deserved happiness with their good deeds, and their child was not injured. Nikita conquered Zhenya’s apartment, and Anya gave birth to him a magnificent healthy daughter. best online slots canada