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On research into the causes of metastasis of cancer cells

The cells with which the cancer spreads throughout the patient’s body have distinctive molecular features. Knowledge of these features allows you to turn malignant cells into benign ones.

If there were no metastases, surgical removal of the tumor would be enough to cure the cancer. However, as a rule, when it is possible to detect the “primary” tumor, a part of the cells have already left it and settled in other organs, like the seeds of the “secondary” cancer. In the further struggle against malignant degeneration, it is very rarely possible to win.

If it were possible to control the formation of metastases, cancer would not be such a formidable disease. Fortunately, the study of metastasis is developing very quickly. Fifteen years ago, when our research began at the Weizmann Institute in Israel, it was already clear that some tumors metastasize more than others. It was also clear that in any given tumor cells differ in their ability to form metastases: some cells metastasize much more effectively. These facts served as the basis for studies in which we demonstrated that metastatic cells differ in their number from non-metastatic cells.

Our data helps to understand how cells form metastases and how this can be prevented. Recently, based on our research, we have successfully immunized against lung cancer metastases in mice. Such experiments can serve as the basis for the development of a “cancer vaccine”.

Of course, there is still a lot to do. The properties of metastatic cells are far from being fully studied. In addition, it is still unclear to what extent our data obtained in experiments on mice are applicable for the treatment of humans. We are also exploring the relationship between metastasis formation and the action of oncogenes (genes whose activation leads to the development of cancer), since it is not known whether these genes, which determine uncontrolled growth, are also responsible for the spread of cancer. We hope that our research will help to find answers to a number of related questions: why some tumors metastasize more and others less, why brain tumors do not metastasize, although tumors of other organs metastasize to the brain. Actually, our work is only part of extensive ongoing research, the purpose of which is to establish the molecular basis of malignant transformation.

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