House Rules

Maintenance of refrigeration systems

Any technique, no matter how perfect, requires care. Especially working for a long time. Namely, in this mode, the refrigeration equipment in the store works. Failure of the refrigerator is a considerable loss for the company. Understanding this, our company is ready to take upon itself the provision of reliable and trouble-free operation of the equipment used.

Cooperation with the NAME company begins from the moment of purchase of refrigerating machines.

 When a contract for the sale of equipment is drawn up, a contract for its maintenance is also drawn up. Usually, this involves several steps:

training company personnel in the use and maintenance of refrigeration units; preparatory work, including a general inspection of the operating conditions of the equipment, the condition of the room, a visual assessment of the technical condition of the refrigeration units and auxiliary mechanisms; equipment diagnostics and necessary routine maintenance; repair and restoration of failed mechanisms, fulfillment of warranty obligations.

For all work performed by the company’s forces, a quality guarantee is provided.

Even if you did not purchase the equipment from the NAME company, you can contact us for service. In this case, we will first visit the room in which the installations are located and conduct an initial inspection. Further cooperation will take place on a common basis.

Service Costs

To fulfill its obligations for servicing equipment, the company has its own service center, working around the clock. It is in this mode that applications for equipment repair are received or consultations are held on issues arising during the operation. Applications are executed within 24 hours, if necessary, work in a remote area can be extended up to 72 hours.

The TITLE company works individually with its customers and offers several different tariff plans. They take into account the amount of equipment serviced, and the cost of the services provided will depend on this.

The cost of the services provided includes not only the cost of repairs, but also the implementation of preventive and diagnostic work to maintain the equipment in good condition. For this, a service center employee visits the site on a monthly basis and conducts the full range of necessary work.

This approach allows the company to ensure the continuous operation of equipment for our customers and to exclude the possibility of unforeseen losses due to a failure of the equipment in use. Cenforce 25mg a vendre en Belgique En ligne