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Surviving Mars (PC) Game Review

Some buildings have additional options, such as a power generator, which, after opening the lid, can generate more electricity, but its core is exposed to sandstorms — so you need to check if it is running. And this is not the only threat that awaits us on the Red Planet ... Fortunately, the game has the option of stopping time (and also acceleration), so you can do everything calmly.

The biggest disadvantage of Surviving Mars is the lack of a meaningful study guide - the creators first come to us with hints, but these are rather small hints, of which I am not very helpful. Therefore, the fun at the beginning is difficult, and we learn from the principle of trial and error. Not everyone will like it, but I think it is worth spending the first hours, because then production rewards us. When we see how our colony is growing in the eyes, and as time goes by, when the first inhabitants enter, we feel the first extra-terrestrial successes with disobedient satisfaction.

It is worth noting that Surviving Mars, like many other urban builders, does not have an advertising campaign. However, I would not consider this a disadvantage, since the game offers many possibilities and ways of development, and each game sets new tasks for us. During some games we will be able to go in the direction of the so-called "Mystery", the discovery of which can have various consequences for our colonies - this is very interesting entertainment. Given the number of actions that we have to face during the game, the storyline can be troubling.

The creators could pay a little more attention to optimization. Playing on a computer with Core i7, GTX 1070 and 16 GB of RAM, I did not experience significant slowdowns at the highest settings, sometimes the game lost frames in a strange way, although there were not many of them on the screen. Apparently, in weaker configurations (even in those that meet the recommended requirements) such deviations may be more annoying, but, fortunately, this does not happen often. Graphically, this is only good - the frame is designed in a characteristic, slightly animated style, and space objects and structures can be rich in details. Nothing impressed. In addition, Surviving Mars should be seen as a great menu, various bags with pictures, visible during download, or brilliant, memorable ambient music. As much as you want to create with her!

Ultimately, Surviving Mars is a product worth recommending. However, there is a condition - you must be sufficiently experienced fans of the genre or love to learn from mistakes and combine. The name is not as intuitive as, for example, in Cities Skylines (also published under the Paradox Interactive flag), but if we devote several hours to it and learn how to build and maintain life on the Red Planet, in return, the game will reward us with an interesting and interesting gameplay, in which the bay is many hours. It is not perfect, but it is one of the most interesting economic strategies of recent years, in which many topics and several unique solutions help. buy AOL Accounts