House Rules

To improve the situation in the kennel greyhounds

The Oblast Union Consumer Union Management Department of the Saratov Region (head KV I. Volotsky) is not at all interested in his Russian greyhounds in Engels and in fact completely entrusted the management of Kalnina N. L. who does not understand anything in dogs to the nursery, but distracts the nursery staff to perform other tasks.

For example, in the autumn of 1957 Comrade. Kalin kept in the yard of the nursery a hundred and fifty heads of cattle. In this regard, some nursery workers Comrade. Kalin tore off the maintenance of livestock: cleaning and grazing. Moreover, he took away two riding horses from the kennel for cattle grazing, and in the hottest time for him he lost the opportunity to go out with the dogs to the field.

At the head of the kennel there is a young worker who is not well versed in dog breeding, who is unable to correctly manage the kennel without any help. It is not by chance that valuable dogs are left without veterinary care for several months.

It is impossible to consider it normal, when in the nursery until the age of seven months there were four bastards born from the Sorceress who escaped from the nursery through the fence during the hunt. Also surprising is the content in the nursery of six non-racing hounds, which distract the attention of the few nursery staff from the main task - from raising and training greyhounds. This undertaking is meaningless if only because at the present time the Saratov amateur hunters have a lot of blood hounds, moreover, working in the field, from which there is an ample amount of better quality puppies than in the nursery. For a long time we should have stopped the throwing away of state money to the wind - for the maintenance of those not working in the field of hounds.

In order to improve the state of affairs in the nursery and properly lead the breed of domestic greyhounds famous throughout the world and, most importantly, to enable them to work in the field, the following is necessary.

In order to improve the field leisure of dogs, one should regularly engage in the pretreatment of young animals and in hunting with adult dogs of the kennel, for which one must have in the kennel not the wife of two riding horses;

In order for the nursery to avoid further breeding of greyhounds in close relationship and the serious consequences of long-term inbreeding, it is urgent to purchase an unrelated producer from outside for the nursery. In extreme cases, you can stop the choice on a related producer, but certainly grown in other conditions.

The demand for thoroughbred greyhounds is huge. The kennel receives a lot of letters from almost all parts of the country with a request to sell a puppy or an adult dog. But all these requests in recent years, unfortunately, remain unsatisfied.

The breed of the Russian borzoi, which has high field qualities and beautiful appearance, must not only be preserved, but widely disseminated!

The Main Directorate of Hunting and Nature Reserves under the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR is obliged without delay to energetically take up the resolution of this topical and urgent task. Captain Victor and Winner will greet you onboard the ship and show you around. They will introduce you to other gamers from different parts of the world, as on you can speak English, Polish, Swedish, Finnish, Italian, French, Russian, German, Kazakh and other languages.