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Sajid Javid denies rumors of early June general election

Sajid Javid said that “the last thing we want is a general election,” emphasizing that the government still hopes to provide a temporary or unilateral mechanism to go beyond the Irish border.

The interior secretary rejected newspaper reports that Downing Street strategists plan to hold early June 6 general elections if Theresa May is unable to get her Brexit deal through parliament before the March 29 deadline.

“The last thing we want is a general election, people will never forgive us for that,” Javid said at the BBC show in Andrew Marre. “They want politicians to continue working. They were given a very clear mandate, now our task is to cope with this. "

There are signs that conservatives have begun to prepare for possible early elections, when last week party leader Sir Mick Davis put the Tories on a “military footing” and stepped up fundraising activities under the guise of local elections. May.

Opinium’s poll for the observer showed the conservative seven points ahead of labor by 41%, but only a few people believe that the party will risk going in the country under the leadership of May after the disaster in 2017, when its total majority was lost.

“I know that the headquarters of the Conservative Party plans only one set of elections, namely, elections to local authorities. The last thing this country wants is elections; they want parliament to deliver Brexit in an orderly way, ”Javid said.

The Interior Minister indicated that May would return to Brussels soon for further negotiations - without specifying a date - and said that she would work closely with the two senior ministers in these negotiations.

Jeffrey Cox, the attorney general and general counsel for the government, will lead a new push to find out “there could be a tight time limit for any support or our own exit mechanism,” Javid said.

Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay will lead efforts to assess whether alternative technological measures can be taken to eliminate Irish support so that customs checks can take place away from the physical border.

Last week, parliamentarians voted in favor of the amendment on behalf of Sir Graham Brady, a senior conservative, to explore the possibility of alternative mechanisms, but it is unclear if the necessary technology exists.

The May Party Brexiters remain concerned that the Prime Minister will not be able to provide a legally binding mechanism to effectively eliminate unpopular support in her discussions with the already hostile European Union.

Steve Baker, vice president of Brexit's European research group, said that “there will be problems ahead” if May is ready to accept only the annex to the recall agreement or codicil.

“Deputies voted to support alternative arrangements in New Zealand, but with serious concerns about the entire agreement,” Baker wrote Sunday morning, accusing May of “forcing us to accept everything except support and, on the other hand, , take the codicil. "

Downing Street said that this was not the case, adding that May wanted to renew the withdrawal agreement in emergency negotiations, although the EU has repeatedly stated that this will not be allowed.

Javid said he believed that in May there would be no run trying to compromise the Labor Party and its leader, Jeremy Corbin, in an agreement that would allow Britain to enter into a customs union with the EU after Brexit.

He said he did not think that such a deal would be won by the majority in the House of Commons, partly because “the other half of the Laborites say they want to hold a second referendum”, and also because “you will lose votes on the side of the conservatives; it's a complete starter. "

The Home Secretary was also pressured to see if the UK would be as safe in a no-deal scenario. The EU said the UK will no longer be part of the European arrest warrant system, which allows suspects to be extradited to the UK.

Javid said that “a change of opportunity” will happen if there is no deal, because there are “certain opportunities that we rely on in terms of security, such as databases, arrest warrants and others. That, of course, will change. I do not pretend that you might have something like that.

“We will still be a very safe country,” Javid said. “Most of these features appeared in 2015. Then we were a safe country, and we would be a very safe country in a no-deal scenario. ” where you can place your order online with fast delivery sildenafil where you can make an order with delivery to France