Freelancing and the Law

It’s conference season. I’m not sure who mandated September as the month of learning, trips away, hang overs and marketing swag.

This month I have been to LawTech and the ALPMA summit. Since post GFC both of those conferences have foreshadowed sweeping change across the legal landscape and dire consequences for those firms who wouldn’t heed the warnings. There has been change in that time but not at the scale predicted, not with consequences foretold and not in all areas explored. Read more

12 x 12 Capsule Wardrobe

Over the last 12 days I have worn exactly 12 items of clothing. There’s been creative mixing and matching. There’s also been a lot of washing.

The 12×12 project is part of my commitment to a sustainable approach to fashion. I’m not sure how the washing fits in here. But I do love a fashion challenge.

This one was courtesy of the Shop Your Wardrobe 2018 Facebook group. We are bunch of like-minded folk who love fashion and the earth and are seeking to make more of what we already have. We’re doing that through weekly challenges and encouraging each other. Read more

What #MeToo means to #NotI


Ever since #metoo broke I have tried to figure out how my story fits within the emerging narrative. When my social feeds flooded with stories of sexual harassment, heart breaking and harrowing, I did not see my experience. Read more

An open letter to teenagers

Navigating modern life is tricky. Pressure, being constantly “on”, consistently being bombarded, no gaps in knowledge or expectations. The gorgeous Pip wrote about the contrast between past and present here. But, if it’s hard as an adult and parent, it must be so much harder for those growing up.


I have some beautiful teenagers in my life. This one’s for you …
Read more