DIY Droppies for Christmas – See & Sew

DIY Dropped Crotch Pants

I have made the whole family Christmas shorts. I’m pretty sure we are going to look ridiculous Christmas Day but it’ll make some awesome Instagram and Facebook posts. Sorry in advance for the spam.

I made myself some very comfy DIY droppie PJ pants and I thought you might like to make some too. Read more

All the End of Year Feels

End of year feels

He doesn’t really fit here any more. All limbs and bone. My nearly-eight-year-old boy, sitting in my lap. This used to be his space. A place he’d often crawl into, arms around my neck as his little body curled into mine. His three year old brother still fits in that space. All cosy and content.

But despite his size, my big boy has chosen to sit here. His weight awkwardly leaning against me. His legs jangling against mine. And I don’t mind. Not one bit. We both laugh at how absurd it is, but neither of us move. Read more

Summer Dressing: Beach to BBQ to Bar with Freez

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Beach, BBQ and Bar

Summer holidays are nearly here.

I can almost smell the salt air and feel the sand between my toes. My family will spend a fair bit of time at the beach, at BBQs and neighbourhood gatherings. I’m looking forward to sunny days on the coast and those glorious summer evenings with friends that seem to go on forever.

For those casual, relaxed days, I want to wear easy pieces that reflect my mood. No-fuss, easy-to-wear clothes that can be dressed up or down. The kinds of clothes that can be easily packed for a few days on the beach. Things I can throw over swimmers and just as easily wear at a beachside bar.

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The VERY hard to buy for guide

really hard to buy for

I have very nearly finished my Christmas shopping. I think I’m on track to have everything wrapped before school is out (yay me!) But there are a few presents that are still eluding me. It’s the people that are always hard to buy for. I reckon there’s a few of them on everyone’s Christmas list. Those that have all they need, buy what they want immediately and/or don’t have many hobbies or interests.

Here’s my guide to buying for them… Read more