Brisbane Fashion: A glossary of terms

So it’s been a while since “Brisbane fashion” could be considered an oxymoron. After all, Easton Pearson called Brisbane home, our city mall boasts the same stores as you can find in Sydney and Melbourne, you can get a decent coffee any time of the day or night and the best style bloggers come from Brisbane. Not me. But this lady, and this fox, and this gorgeous woman and this stylin’ mamma, to name just a few.

Brisbane Fashion a glossary of terms

But there are some fashion idiosyncrasies particular to Brisbane that remain.

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Two Year Olds – Tiny Drunk Humans

Last Friday our school held its annual trivia night. It’s always a big night. Put a group of parents together, give them an excuse to play dress-ups, offer them cheap alcohol and things are bound to get a bit squiffy. Okay, perhaps a lot squiffy. The next morning we gathered around the side lines of our various kids’ soccer commitments, sporting large sunglasses and even larger take-away coffees whispering “So, just how drunk were we last night?

two year olds ...basically drunk

That Saturday evening we went to the NRL double header. It was E’s first footy game and 80 odd minutes of sitting still went just about as well as you might expect with a two year old. We did not stay for the second game. In fact the whole weekend confirmed the long held parenting belief that toddlers are basically just tiny drunk humans.  Read more

Getting boys to read (a guest post)

I had a lot of friends as a kid. Anne of Green Gables, all the March girls, the Hardy Boys, Katy of What Katy Did, the Naughtiest Girl in School and countless other imaginary people were significant in my early life. The world of books was as important to me as the “real world”. Sometimes more so.
getting boys to love reading

My seven year old son doesn’t seem anywhere near as enamoured with reading as I was at the same age. As someone who still considers a good book one of life’s greatest pleasures, this worries me. So when Dymocks literacy expert Ryan Spencer invited me to ask questions about kids and books, I had quite a few. Particularly around boys and reading. This is a longer than normal post but I found the answers so helpful that I had to publish all of them. I hope you find the below as enlightening (and encouraging) as I did.


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My style icon: Glam Ma (Oma)

On the eve of mother’s day I thought I’d introduce you to my style icon. She doesn’t have countless instagram followers, she’s not a model and she’s not a stylist. She only ever wears designer clothes (because she has designed and made them), she dresses for no-one but herself and is amongst the most fearlessly stylish women I know.  Of course, I am talking about my beautiful mother and “glam ma”, or Oma really, to my boys.

Glam Ma

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