A Hand-Made Christmas Round Up

It’s a steamy day in Brisbane and the kids and I have just finished putting up the tree. It’s the kind that looked magnificent in the warehouse but just, just fits in our house. I used to have major Christmas tree OCD, but I have let that go this year. The end result being a tree full to the brim of decorations and no perceptible theme aside from unbridled joy. Now to place the hand-made Christmas presents under said tree.

A Hand-Made Christmas Round UpThis Christmas I am all about locally sourced and hand-made presents. Many of my incredibly talented online friends are thinking similarly, and I wanted to share with you some of their amazing ideas for hand-made presents. Read more

Body Image and Bikinis

It was on sale. A bright pink bikini with rouching in all the right places. The promise of an enhanced bust and minimised thighs. I hadn’t worn a bikini since my eldest was born, pregnancies being the exception. When I was proud to display my burgeoning belly in all its glory.


I tried the bikini on. And judged the woman in the mirror in front of me. The slight belly. The saddlebags. The flabby bits under my arms. The dimpled thighs. The deflated breasts.  Read more

Shop What You Got – the story so far

This month I have committed to wearing only 30 items, 30 different ways as part of Jo at iCurvy’s Shop What You Got challenge. The idea being that reducing my wardrobe to a capsule collection should a) make it easier to get dressed in the morning and b) prove to myself that I really don’t need any more clothes – or most of the ones I already own for that matter.

It’s also an exercise in creativity once the usual suspects have done their rotation and I need to mix and match in new ways.


Here’s how it’s gone so far.  Read more