How to turn your summer dresses into winter outfits

Apparently winter is coming. I think it took longer to get to Brisbane than it did to Westeros. But assuming that we will have a winter, here are few ways you can take your summer favourites and turn them into cosy winter ones.


The little summer day dress

The addition of a trench coat in a similar cut and length brings a very summery outfit into cooler weather territory. Rather than buckling at the front (and obscuring the dress all together), I have tied the belt at the back. This emphasises the hourglass shape of the dress. Winter shoes and a cute hat and you are ready for the winter racing carnival.
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The (even smaller) summer evening dress

Tights and boots instantly take an outfit from summer to winter. I’m also way more comfortable in a dress this short with tights.
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The summer maxi

I don’t know why I see maxi skirts as a winter thing and maxi dresses as a summer thing — but I do. Adding extra layers in the way of a single and denim jacket, along with boots, make this a fav winter outfit. If the days get warm (as they do in Brisbane) you can always de-layer.

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Summer boho

This rather lovely boho dress transforms into a winter outfit with the addition of a black turtleneck and the gorgeous Aspen vest from Philosophy (gifted). It looks just as cute thrown over the dress without the turtleneck. Because the dress is so low cut, I tend to always wear a vest over the top — it’s a good trick for any dress that you quite like but feel exposes too much of the girls.

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Like me, you might have things in your wardrobe that leave you feeling exposed as summer outfits. Adding layers can give you comfort and your outfit a new lease of life as the weather turns.

Now, you might know my friend Bron over at FlatBumMum – she also has some fabulous ideas for transforming summer dresses into winter stunners. And if you have posted about this very topic, link up in the comments.

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What’s your favourite way to style summer clothing into winter?




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