How to wear brooches

Brooches are the bench players in the jewellery box that don’t get enough time on the field. They are versatile and easy to wear, yet they tend to be forgotten about. Relegated to under-stated lapels and the odd cardigan. They want out people! They want out and fabulous!

How to wear brooches

Today I’m liberating the brooch and showing you a few cool ways to wear them.

  1. Use earrings as a neck brooch

Amp up the cool factor on a buttoned-up shirt with a large chandelier earring. You can just put it through the top button hole. If you are looking for other ways to wear a white shirt, I have eight.

Brooch - earring neck pin

  1. Use earrings and a chain as a collar chain

Another cute way to add a bit of sass to a buttoned-up look.  The earrings will have a blunt pin, which can damage the material of the collar. To avoid this, make a hole first with a sharp pin, and then push the earring through, attaching it to the chain. The hole will be much smaller if you do it this way.

brooch - earrings as collar chain


  1. Use a brooch to add to a necklace

My son made this too-cute necklace for me for mothers day. The addition of a little butterfly brooch is a bit fun. (Although my son prefers me to wear it the way he made it). For a dressier look, a statement diamanté brooch with a cluster of pearl necklaces looks fabulous.

brooch - on a necklace


  1. Add a brooch to your scarf

Add a little sparkle to your scarf by pinning on a brooch.

brooch - add to scarf


  1. Wear a brooch on a piece of ribbon as a statement necklace

This is an easy and casual cool take on a statement necklace.
brooch - necklace

  1. Wear your brooch in your hair, on a ribbon

Make a cute headband by adding a brooch to some ribbon and wearing in your hair.

Brooch - headband


  1. Use brooches to add colour where you need it

I love these mushroomy grey colours, but they don’t suit my complexion. I have to add something to make it work. Brooches in white bring some light back where I need it. You can make these brooches here.
Brooches - Add colour

style saturday

Do you have any tricky ways to wear brooches?
Are you a brooch lover like me?

18 thoughts on “How to wear brooches

    • Robyna says:

      Thanks Bron – it looks cute on women – but I can’t stand tie chains on men. One we can steal from the boys and keep.

  1. Beth at says:

    I love brooches but don’t wear them often because I don’t like stabbing holes through my clothes. Like the idea of wearing them through buttonholes or on non-clothing items like ribbons or scarves (I can deal with a scarf hole). This will inspire me to add more brooches to my collection – love the old vintage style with the rainbow stones.
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