Five Light Years Ago

Somewhere, in an alternate reality, a universe parallel to my own, there is a mother preparing for a fifth birthday party. Her son is unwrapping presents and playing with new things. An older brother edging his way in, trying to sneak first plays that don’t belong to him. Perhaps there would be a younger brother, very close in age, helping unwrap. But he shimmers in this imagined reality – I am not quite sure he would be there.

This is not my reality. My reality is that my son was born five years ago and died two weeks later. My reality is his two brothers, older and younger, playing quietly upstairs while their mummy writes out her grief.  Read more

3 Keys to Layering


I’m a summer girl at heart, but I have a soft spot for May through August. The crisp, cool mornings giving way to sunny, cloudless days. Winter in Brisbane means waking to a slight chill in the air, the day warming to the mid-twenties and evenings with just a nip of shiver. It also means relying on the art of layering.

For a girl that normally relies on a maxi dress, layering can be tricky. It takes a bit more thought and planning. But it’s also a chance to really build an outfit and take the separates out for a spin.

There are three keys to successful layering. Read more

When to sew / when to buy

When to sew / when to buy

I have a pair of culottes currently under the sewing machine. Delustered Satin in a vintage floral print. You wouldn’t look at the fabric and think “culottes”. Maybe shift dress or box pleat skirt. But that’s why I went in an unexpected direction. Because I could.

It’s one of the things I love about sewing my own clothes. But obviously I don’t sew everything I own (although I’d love to). So how do I decide what to buy or what to make? Read more