Winter Cocktail Dressing

The cocktail party had been marked on the calendar for a while. Mid-October and the promise of a balmy evening meant that I had settled on a cute summer dress.

Then something extraordinary happened.

Brisbane turned rainy and cold. In the middle of October. Madness.

I was faced with a sartorial choice.

Shop in a panic for something warm that fits the cocktail dress code. Make something in a rush. Or shop my overflowing wardrobe for something suitable. Read more

Spring/Summer Trends from Lights of Paddington

The other weekend I headed into Paddington for a fashion parade. The local boutiques hosted Lights of Paddington and show-cased Spring/Summer trends. A gorgeous array of clothing, jewellery and shoes.

It’s been a long time since I attended that kind of event. Since I had been within the fashion fold.

It rekindled something. Served as a reminder that I really do love fashion. I’ve let that part of me go for a little while. Not that I have been dressing in sack cloth – but discussing fashion, thinking about it, revelling in it has been absent. After my year of not buying new clothes, I have remained fairly frugal and restrained with new purchases. But that attitude to fashion doesn’t preclude being able to enjoy it. Read more