How Sport Makes our Family Stronger + an Amazing Comp

Sport and Family

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Being a sports fan is new to me. It wasn’t big in my own family but it was huge in my husband’s. A family of basketball stars and football fanatics. Now we are growing our own. Our seven year old is obsessed with soccer and is a keen lover of AFL and NRL. Our three year old has a knack for winning the family tipping competition. Yep, we are part of an extended family that runs a footy tipping competition. The kind of family where my husband helps coach the kid’s soccer team. The kind of family that holds season passes. The kind of family where sport is important.

Not just playing it but watching it, discussing it and being excited by it. Barracking for our favourite teams and going to games as a family. It’s part of our household DNA. What makes us us Read more

8 things to steal from him

I’ll share a secret with you — I often raid my husband’s wardrobe. It’s admittedly unfair. I have three times as many clothes as he does. But there is just something about wearing his things — they feel all cozy and lived in. His clothes make me feel delicate and feminine when they are large and masculine. At nearly six foot, with child-bearing hips, it’s not an easy feeling to come by.

8 things to steal from him

Here are 8 things to steal from him …

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6 Ways to Sneak Writing Time

Some of the world’s best books have been written in an hour a day over months.

I saw Elizabeth Gilbert speak earlier in the year and this is what stayed with me. In all her practical glory she pointed out that every writer wants acres of time, a pretty loft and an inspirational view. No one gets that. If you wait around for the perfect time, perfect space and perfect level of inspiration, you won’t write.
6 ways to sneak writing time
As a working mum, I snatch at time to write. Beg, borrow, sneak and steal it. It’s important to me so I follow it. If writing wasn’t a need, I wouldn’t treat it like one. But it is and so I try to fit it into my busy life as best I can. There is no loft, no pretty view (only chores undone) and sneakily small cracks which I  stuff with words.

So how do I do this?  Find these small spaces of time to write and make the most of them? 

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Pyjama Dressing: How to wear it

Pyjama dressing is shaping up as a huge trend this spring.  Slip dresses, pyjama pants and jackets with a boudoir feel all made an appearance on runways. Unfortunately it doesn’t mean we can roll out of bed, head out without showering and declare ourselves “en vogue”.  There is a subtle art to making this trend work.
Pyjama Dressing: How to wear it

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The problem with yelling

The other day I yelled at my kids. Not a garden-variety yell. A screech. A holler. A roar. The kind of yelling that reverberates around the house and continues to echo in corridors of guilt. The kind of yelling that the neighbours will talk about (three doors down). The kind of yelling that leaves your throat hoarse and every time you swallow you are reminded of your parenting failure. The kind of yelling that stops a child in their tracks. In fear.

yelling at your kids

This is the problem with that kind of yelling. It works.  Read more