8 things to steal from him

I’ll share a secret with you — I often raid my husband’s wardrobe. It’s admittedly unfair. I have three times as many clothes as he does. But there is just something about wearing his things — they feel all cozy and lived in. His clothes make me feel delicate and feminine when they are large and masculine. At nearly six foot, with child-bearing hips, it’s not an easy feeling to come by.

8 things to steal from him

Here are 8 things to steal from him …

1. His Watch

I love a large-scale silver man’s watch on a woman’s wrist. Worn with a crisp white shirt it just works in a classic American Lauren Hutton kind of way.

2. His T-Shirts

This one is a complete no-brainer. What girl doesn’t love wearing their loved one’s shirts on lazy days and to bed? With a bit of styling men’s t-shirts can easily be worn outside the house as well. With that extra fabric, there are myriad of tuck and roll options.  I show some here.

his t-shirt

3. His Dress Shirt

How ridiculously cool and timeless is the way that Audrey Hepburn wore a man’s shirt? I love it wrapped around the body, worn with wide pants and statement jewellery.  White shirts with exaggerated details, like very long sleeves, are on trend right now and you can adopt it easily by just sneaking one of his.

His dress shirt

4. His Scarves

My husband’s scarves are chunkier than mine and sometimes I just want that extra weight (and warmth). So, despite the colony of scarves I cultivate, I sometimes borrow his.

5. His Knits

On cold days my husband wears a fine knit over his business shirts. That’s if I haven’t already stolen it to wear with wide pants a lá Nina Proudman’s latest style silhouette. My dearest is also fond of grey — which I can’t get enough of.

His knits

6. His Belts

I can never find the belts I like in the women’s section – beat-up leather, long and plaited. The plaits mean that you can fasten the buckle at any length, allowing them to work on the waist and on the hips. I love them with jeans and with long boho dresses.

7. His Hats

Much like belts, I’ll find more hats I like in the men’s section than the women’s. I have a fairly large head and I prefer a fedora in summer.  There is always a bigger selection (at better prices) in the menswear section.

8. His Socks

Socks are never high on my list of things to purchase . So when winter arrives and I’m searching for something to wear with my boots, I look in his sock drawer. Men’s business socks fit the bill perfectly. The cotton is fine enough to not add bulk and is still comfy and cozy.

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Do you steal things from his wardrobe?
Shop in the men’s department?

24 thoughts on “8 things to steal from him

  1. Mica says:

    I’ve tried once to borrow hubby’s wardrobe, haha! I tried to wear a tee of his. He’s quite small so it’s not really large enough to be the oversized look I’d go for, just looked like a wrongly sized shirt, haha! I’d never be able to pry his hoodie off him long enough to try 😉

  2. Helen K says:

    That look great! I’m a bit limited to caps, really – I’m not even 5ft 3, and my husband’s 6ft 1, and I swim in them. But my 11 year old son’s nearly the same height as me – ideas for the future (if only he wasn’t so skinny!)

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