Recognising when you need time and space

To some extent I feel like I bang on quite a bit about the challenges I have experienced being a FIFO wife and now that the the hubby is home, the challenges of having to adapt to him being here.

I tend to make light of it, or as soon as I talk about an aspect of it that is difficult, I quickly say how lucky we were to have the opportunity or similar, and of course there is the classic telling everyone I am fine when I am not. Read more

So I took both boys to a music festival … Woodford Folk Festival with kids

The Woodford Folk Festival has been something of a tradition in my family, ever since my sister and I won tickets in a radio competition as teenagers.  Back then, we stalked the toothfaeries and innocently wondered what that funny smell was.  I haven’t been since having the kids. In keeping with my commitment (Before Kids | After Kids challenge) to have more music in our lives, I decided this was the year to take the boys. So, donning our festival uniforms of gumboots and shorts, Master I (6), Baby E (17 months) and I set off to conquer Woodford. Or Mudford as it’s affectionately called as it ALWAYS rains.  It was either going to be a master stroke of brilliance or it was all going to come crashing down in a spectacular heap.  Read more

You know you’re a mother to boys when…

Mother to Boys - The Mummy and the MinxIf you are a mother to boys you might understand these …

>> You see a digger, large truck or airplane and exclaim loudly about its existence.  You do this even when your son is not around.

>> Your son has peed behind a tree in a park. You have pretended not to notice. Whilst pretending not to notice, you were very grateful for the convenience. Read more

Pip’s super cute quiz to sum up our year….

The year is coming to a close. It is Christmas Day tomorrow! How did that happen right? We are so grateful for many things that 2014 has given us. In particular we are overwhelmed and humbled by the support of this little community that we are building. You guys are really ace. We are sending you all the sincerest thanks, love and light from our hearts.
Untitled design-7

Now, in keeping with the theme of reflection this month, we have done  a little exercise and we thought you might like to do it too.

Read more

Keeping it real versus the highlight reel? What do you reckon?

I was at lunch with my husband recently. We ordered some beers and they were served in the little ice bucket. Before we took one out hubby looked at me and said “I assume you want to take a photo?” I responded with, “that would be excellent thank you.” A spot of styling, photo was taken and hashtagged appropriately and posted on Instagram and Facebook.

Kepping it real Versus the highlight

Husband took my phone off me and scrolled through my Instagram photos. He then made a comment, “you realise your life looks pretty fucking awesome right?” I was a bit stunned. I laughed it off and said, “it’s the highlight reel Hun.” Read more