Recognising when you need time and space

To some extent I feel like I bang on quite a bit about the challenges I have experienced being a FIFO wife and now that the the hubby is home, the challenges of having to adapt to him being here.

I tend to make light of it, or as soon as I talk about an aspect of it that is difficult, I quickly say how lucky we were to have the opportunity or similar, and of course there is the classic telling everyone I am fine when I am not. I actually stopped saying I was fine over the last couple of months – I got some interesting and awkward reactions to say the least.

The reality is that is has taken it’s toll – emotionally and physically.

Love yourself first and everything else

After some serious thought over the Christmas break I have decided to take some time out from the blog. I need to focus on my marriage and my health. I am also heading back to work in a couple of weeks and would like to do so not feeling over-committed.

I love the blog and writing. I am taking this break with Robyna’s total support and love. We are not breaking up in any sense! I am just taking some time out to nurture me and mine. I am walking the talk and looking after myself.

I am not totally sure of when I will be back. I’m hoping it’s only a matter of a few weeks, a couple of months max. I feel sad knowing that I will miss out on some lovely stuff that we have in store for you all. Until then though, please take care of yourselves and thank you so much for your support to date.

I look forward to getting back into it once I am all sorted. As Arnie said all those years ago, “I’ll be back.”

Sarah x

3 thoughts on “Recognising when you need time and space

  1. Sandra Kelly says:

    You will be missed Sarah but we’ll be right here waiting for you to return. Good on you for sharing your challenges and I’m sure others will benefit from your honesty, that it’s okay to be true to yourself and act on vital self-awareness. All the best. Xx

  2. Planet Pav says:

    I feel as if we might be on similar paths at the moment Sarah 🙂 I have decided to step back from blogging and social media too. Good luck to you on your break and I look forward to seeing you back when are ready xoxo

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