Letting Go

there is hope and promise in letting go

I feel that there is a lot of rhetoric out there about “letting go”. Most that I see getting around shows no empathy and some of it verges on insensitive.

My personal perspective is that “letting go” is not as easy as it’s cracked up to be. I’m not talking about the “missing out on a good car park at Westfield” letting go, I’m talking about the really messed up emotional experience kind. I mean seriously, who goes, “Oh crap <insert the really shitty thing that happened here>. Ok, I let it go.”?!

I am the sort of person who harbours shit around for a really long time. My emotional backpack hasn’t been carry-on baggage size for a while, and I had been dragging that bitch around and analysing its contents for way too long. Read more

UNSTOPPABLE – I did it and now you can too

Be UnstoppableFor the last couple of years I have followed and admired Taryn Brumfitt and her Body Image Movement. I have marvelled at her, her energy and the love that she consistently shows herself and her amazing attitude towards her own body. I often wondered, “what’s a girl got to do to feel like that?” When I heard that Taryn had joined forces with Gemma Munro (the superwoman behind Inkling Women) and created The Unstoppable Program, I was pretty much sold.

Then I read this, and I was like, “TAKE MY GOD DAMN MONEY NOW!” …  Read more

Recognising when you need time and space

To some extent I feel like I bang on quite a bit about the challenges I have experienced being a FIFO wife and now that the the hubby is home, the challenges of having to adapt to him being here.

I tend to make light of it, or as soon as I talk about an aspect of it that is difficult, I quickly say how lucky we were to have the opportunity or similar, and of course there is the classic telling everyone I am fine when I am not. Read more

Keeping it real versus the highlight reel? What do you reckon?

I was at lunch with my husband recently. We ordered some beers and they were served in the little ice bucket. Before we took one out hubby looked at me and said “I assume you want to take a photo?” I responded with, “that would be excellent thank you.” A spot of styling, photo was taken and hashtagged appropriately and posted on Instagram and Facebook.

Kepping it real Versus the highlight

Husband took my phone off me and scrolled through my Instagram photos. He then made a comment, “you realise your life looks pretty fucking awesome right?” I was a bit stunned. I laughed it off and said, “it’s the highlight reel Hun.” Read more

Please do not forget that the world is an amazing and beautiful place

The WorldRemains a BeautifulPlaceI got home from the park an hour ago to find my newsfeed bombarded with information on the siege that is underway in Sydney. The media is giving it rolling coverage on the TV. There is click bait all over Facebook. What is going on down there at the moment is highly disturbing. It is also symptomatic of the way that the organisation (being reported to be responsible) operate – low tech and high impact. It is also generating what they want – mass media coverage. Read more