Summer Childhood in Australia

Growing up under Australian SkiesMy summer childhood memories are of vast expanses of holidays, beach road trips, buffalo bill dripping down my arm, parents complaining of a heat I did not feel, bitchumen burning bare feet, laughing with my friends, humid nights underneath whirring fans and afternoon storms.

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Making change a positive thing

Change overcoming the fear
The silly season has passed, the fresh, dewy excitement that comes the new year has dimmed (only a little) and I am preparing for a new school/work year. It’s a year with a lot of change. My littlest man starts daycare and I embark on the self-employment adventure. I know others have change coming this year too – going back into the workforce, sea changes, having the last of their little ones start school. Change can be equal parts terrifying and exhilarating. How do we harness the exhilaration and minimise the terror? How do we overcome the fear?

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The School Parents’ Creed

The School Parents Creed - the Mummy and the Minx

The school year is nearly upon us. The kids are ready. The parents are ready. The books aren’t quite covered yet.  My family are very lucky to be part of a warm and welcoming school, and am so thankful for the wonderful parents that surround my boys.

This year, I promise to live by the School Parents Creed. Read more