Intentions, Affirmations & Inspiration

As part of this month’s challenge, I sat down with my intentions for this year and translated them into affirmations.

I wanted to share them with you.

So they are written, and they look darn cute (if I do say so myself) – but will they work? I did a little research into how you can get affirmations to work, and here’s what I am going tor try:

  1. You need to commit to reading them and speaking them daily. I am going to put them on my phone case and before I do any social checking in the morning, I will be reminding myself of my affirmations.
  2. They need to connect to something real – I am going to add my business purpose into the affirmation cards and ensure that I clearly understand the link between what I am trying to tell my mind and what I am setting myself up to achieve.
  3. When I am facing self-doubt, a particular problem or anxiety, I am going to remind myself of these affirmations and apply them to the problem at hand.
  4. Everyone has an inner coach and an inner critic. Very often the inner critic’s voice is stronger than the coach. I am going to answer my inner critic with these affirmations, and hopefully strengthen my inner coach by committing to them. If I hear the inner critic say things like “sheessh, really? affirmations? who do you think you are?”, I will remind myself that it’s not a helpful voice.
  5. I hope this will work – and it might – but my inner critic is also deeply cynical about anything “woo-woo”.  I think my inner coach is a little embarrassed by it all. So, I will keep an open mind.

Do you have intentions & affirmations this year?  Do you think they really work?

4 thoughts on “Intentions, Affirmations & Inspiration

    • Robyna says:

      I think I am an open-minded cynic (does such a thing even exist?) Happy to try anything once 🙂 Changing up our mind-sets is always a good idea.

  1. jess says:

    I keep being critical of how I forget to do my affirmations, which is counterproductive! I love your idea of putting them on my phone case – will copy that! 😉

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