How to embellish a plain top

Want to change a plain white top into a lace top?

How to embellish a plain top

What you need …

  • A plain white top – sleeveless is easiest. Look for linen or cotton. You don’t want the top to be stretch. Mine was from the Glassons sales rack.  You will probably see quite a few crop tops on the sales rack at the moment and that would be perfect for this project.
  • Some beautiful lace. Mine is from The Fabric Store and the little tassels were too cute to ignore.
  • Scissors, thread and needle
  • Small pearl beads

How to do it …

  • Lay your top flat, with the side seams at the very edges.
  • Use the top as a template to cut the lace – leave a little extra on the sides to allow sewing space.
  • If the top is on the cropped side (mine is) cut the bottom edge a little lower. I used four extra rows of the lace detail.
  • Hand-stitch the lace to your top. Stitch along the top and into the side seams. It will definitely be easier if your top doesn’t have a stretch to it.
  • Embellish with a few beads if you are feeling like it needs a little extra sparkle.
    How to embellish a plain top
  • Trim away any excess lace and wear your new creation
    How to embellish a plain top

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Have you embellished any clothes lately?

20 thoughts on “How to embellish a plain top

  1. Bron from Flat Bum Mum says:

    Robyna, this looks AMAZING! I love The Fabric Store. The one in Melbourne is right next to the Alannah Hill fabric clearance shop too which is VERY tempting. Such a great way to cover the tummy in a crop top. xo

    • Robyna says:

      The one in Brisbane is amazing as well. They have heaps of designer fabric. I “save” so much money by going in there 😉 I think crop tops weren’t quite as popular as retailers were hoping, judging by the sales racks — so it’s a great opp for us to up-cycle.

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