Challenging the holding pattern – what if my best life is still ahead of me?

I am often amazed at the power of words, the impact of speech and the way an altered perspective can change everything.

Pip Lincolne was recently in Brisbane, chatting about her new book, Craft for the Soul*. I was lucky enough to meet her in person and listen to her talk. She spoke about how the book came about and how she came to write and teach full time. She shared so many amazing things. As I tweeted what resonated with me, a theme became apparent.  Read more

Being Kind to the One I Love

Being kind to the one I loveOne day, in the hard to imagine future, my boys will leave home. I will tearfully help them pack. I will hope they return for dinners but manage their own washing and ironing. I will be faced with an empty nest and seek comfort in my husband’s arms. The man who made these boys with me. Our greatest achievement. And when our lives become less about our children and more about each other, I want to turn towards someone I still love with every ounce of my being. I don’t want to turn towards a stranger.  Read more

June/July School Holiday Planner & a bit about my June/July

Playing Child - June July HolidaysSchool holidays are just around the corner and I thought I’d share the June/July school holiday planner I just put together. It’s at the bottom of this post. I think it’s always nice to have a bit of a plan and also to make sure there are a few down-time days included. Yes, I am trying to get better at down-time days.  Better at just allowing the small moments to come to me, rather than scheduling all the minutes. Read more

Barriers to intimacy after children and how to overcome them

Barriers to intimacy and how to overcome them
The baby has finally gone to sleep after fighting for two hours. It’s been a long day and you fear it will be an even longer night. You know you should at least have a chat to your husband but all you want to do is to fall into bed. You are dressed in pyjamas stained with baby food and you can’t be bothered changing them. Your boobs hurt. Your bones ache with fatigue. A cuddle, let alone something more, is the LAST thing on your mind.

Yet, it is important. Kids will grow up and as they do hopefully you and your partner will grow closer together. But that takes some work.

These are some common barriers to intimacy after children with some suggestions about how to overcome them.

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My dark, hot love affair

coffee, my love

I am in the midst of an affair. I know I should give it up. I know it’s not good for me. But everyone morning I wake and the desire is strong. Some mornings I am happy for it to be cheap, quick and dirty. Proffered from the Aldi coffee machine (because I am too tight for Nespresso).

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