June/July School Holiday Planner & a bit about my June/July

Playing Child - June July HolidaysSchool holidays are just around the corner and I thought I’d share the June/July school holiday planner I just put together. It’s at the bottom of this post. I think it’s always nice to have a bit of a plan and also to make sure there are a few down-time days included. Yes, I am trying to get better at down-time days.  Better at just allowing the small moments to come to me, rather than scheduling all the minutes.

These days are just the right temperature to go exploring, for road trips, for plays in the park, for picnics and for just lying in the wintery sunshine.

That wintery sunshine means a lot to me. When I take a moment to turn my face to it, it feels like a hug from one of my sons. This time of the year is a tough one for my family and I. We remember our middle son and brother, who could only stay with us for two short weeks. His birthday is on the 24th June and his anniversary on the 7th July.

It’s no bad thing that these dates co-oincide with the busy-ness of school holidays. Noise and bustle and giving myself something to do have always been how I cope. But on the days belonging to him, I will allow myself some quiet reflection. Some tears. Some space. Some breathing room. All possible due to the extraordinary kindness of my friends and family who always offer extra help around this time of year. Whose love and kindness also feels like a hug from the son who is no longer near.

I hope that you have a wonderful holiday break planned. I know it can be a bit stressy after a few days. That the novelty of having kids at home can wear pretty thin on both sides. I know I will have my yelly moments. But I also intend to laugh and explore and play and pretend and remember and create memories with my living boys. I am going to try and just BE. Not race my mind to the next moment all the time. But rather enjoy too-short childhoods and remember the lessons my middle child brought me.

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You can download the June/July holiday planner here or click on the image below.

June/July Holidays Calendar

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  1. dashoftonic says:

    School holidays are a few years away for me but I love this planner. Especially the ideas section. Thinking of you for your son’s special days coming up. x

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