Seeking refuge, seeking reason, seeking hope

Real Australians Say welcome

This adorns the wall of a shop near my home.

This weekend we vote. I still don’t know how I will check those boxes. The issue I feel most strongly about hasn’t featured strongly along the campaign trial. I am appalled at how this country treats people seeking refuge. If you want to read a couple of great, well researched blog posts on this topic, try this and this.

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How to style a kimono with Icadoo

Not so long ago a lovely friend asked how to style a kimono. You know, so that you don’t look like you have fallen out of bed. I immediately thought of the undisputed queen of kimonos, Andrea. You might know her as Icadoo on Istagram.

how to style a kimono with Icadoo

I have hit the queen up for some inspiration. If you have been wanting to try this trend, and have been a little shy or uncertain, this post is for you.

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The terrible weight of June

the terrible weight of June - Grief
I have been waiting for it. The heavy weight of June to fall. The pendulum to swing in favour of grief. It held out. Took it’s time with the swing. I thought maybe I’d even escaped it this year. That my son’s fourth birthday would pass with a melancholy kind of joy rather than re-exposing the scar of grief. Weeping and raw. Four years since he was born. Nearly four years since he died. Taken at merely two weeks old. And everything rushing back.

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10 lazy reasons to love winter

10 lazy reasons to love winterWinter in Brisbane is a fickle mistress. It’s not really a traditional seasonal relationship. She stays with some intensity for a few days before giving way to the insistent sunshine. She might blow in again in a week or two. She might blow us off all together and just spend her time with the cool (freezing) kids down south. Which is frustrating for a person who enjoys winter, mostly because of the laziness factor.

I’m not a high maintenance girl. My eyebrows are seldom tidy, my fingernails resemble an nine-year old boys and I’m not well acquainted with the iron. So winter is basically an awesome excuse to justify my general grooming laziness.

Because …

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Why law is a good training ground for parenthood (and coding isn’t)

the law prepares you for parenthood

For most of my career I have worked with lawyers and law firms. From software development to IT management. From project management to directing a knowledge department. From event management to social media consulting. I even studied law, but never actually practised. My close proximation to lawyers has led me to believe it’s an excellent training ground for parenthood.

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How to wear brooches

Brooches are the bench players in the jewellery box that don’t get enough time on the field. They are versatile and easy to wear, yet they tend to be forgotten about. Relegated to under-stated lapels and the odd cardigan. They want out people! They want out and fabulous!

How to wear brooches

Today I’m liberating the brooch and showing you a few cool ways to wear them.

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