Free Daily Outfit Planner + Why Bother

daily outfit planner

I’m one of those (annoyingly?) organised people. I have a project management background, I adore lists and I feel unsettled without clear plans for the week (or month) ahead. I’ll remain flexible, but I appreciate a framework. When people ask how I fit quite so much in, it’s only due to planning ahead. And being a little crazy. But that’s another story.

It makes sense to me to plan my daily outfits a week out. Particularly if I’m participating in a style challenge and need to think a bit about what I’m choosing. There are lots of daily outfit planners out there but none that really worked for me. I made my own and thought I’d share it with you. As well as the reasons I think it’s a great idea to incorporate wardrobe planning into your Sunday evening routine.   Read more

Taking time out + SWELL festival

Every now and then I feel a pull. When things feel unsettled and nerves are jangled, I need something to ground me. And I always find it at the ocean. I call it my vitamin sea.

Swell festival

We are about an hour away from the beach but I never regret the drive. Even with two little boys in the back. Last week the kids and I decided to take the day and head to Currumbin and the SWELL festival.  Read more

Dressing to flatter your figure

how to flatter you figure

Let’s not be alarmed but Summer is coming. September holidays are here and beach days along with them.

The cozy winter weight was meant to have shifted on by now. Unfortunately, my wishful thinking method has failed spectacularly. I know I need to add some much need exercise to my routine (and less Tim Tams). But while I’m waiting for that to work, I thought I’d share some ways to flatter your figure.  Read more

10 fun holiday craft ideas PLUS a holiday calendar

10 fun things to make these holidays

One of the things I love about school holidays is the chance to make things with my kids. I am a big fan of craft, sewing and generally getting creative. And even though I have boys, I am not going to let any gender stereo-types ruin our crafty days. So here’s our bucket list of holiday craft to make over the September break. You might find something fun to do with your kids too …  Read more

The Tough Wardrobe Questions 

It’s the season for clearing out and making way. As the weather warms up and spring fashions beckon, wardrobes over the country are being reviewed and re-thought.

There are great posts out there on clearing out your wardrobe. Lots of good ideas about sorting and piles and only keeping the things we love.

The Tough Wardrobe Questions

It’s the fence-sitters I find tricky. The pieces of clothing that I hesitate to put back in the wardrobe but I’m not quite ready to give away. I sort of love them. A little tiny bit. Or perhaps I might love them again. There is a chance they will come back into trend or my shape will shrink and they will look like they once did.

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Freedom of speech – is it everything?

Freedom of speech - is it everything?

Over the past few weeks my feed has been filled with book week costumes. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s been book month, not week. Cute kids in cute creations. Proud mammas showing off their genius. I shrank a little inside when a kind soul pointed out kids should be dressing as book characters, not movie or sporting heroes. You see, I’d love to make something strictly book related and awesome with my son. I sew, I’m crafty and I’m partial to Facebook bragging rights. Book week and I should be made for each other. But my boy insisted on going as that modern-day literary hero, Christiano Ronaldo.

Seems he wasn’t the only kid who wanted to emulate his sporting hero. A little boy dressed up as Nic Naitanui, his mother artificially darkened his skin and the rest is history. (If you missed it: the whole story and a thoughtful response by Amy of Hangbag Mafia)
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