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I’m one of those (annoyingly?) organised people. I have a project management background, I adore lists and I feel unsettled without clear plans for the week (or month) ahead. I’ll remain flexible, but I appreciate a framework. When people ask how I fit quite so much in, it’s only due to planning ahead. And being a little crazy. But that’s another story.

It makes sense to me to plan my daily outfits a week out. Particularly if I’m participating in a style challenge and need to think a bit about what I’m choosing. There are lots of daily outfit planners out there but none that really worked for me. I made my own and thought I’d share it with you. As well as the reasons I think it’s a great idea to incorporate wardrobe planning into your Sunday evening routine.  


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I use this planner on a Sunday to map out the week ahead. I’ll check my outfits and place them in an accessible spot. If I haven’t combined particular items before, I’ll try them on and check that they work. The planner has a spot for style challenges, if I happen to be taking part in any. Sometimes I’ll just set my own little challenge – like wearing  two combinations that week that I haven’t tried before. There is also a section for events. I may actually use that area for events that are a little way out. That way I can leave time for purchasing / borrowing / making a new outfit.

Why do I think a daily outfit planner is a good idea?

  1. It makes getting dressed so much quicker.
    In the morning I just have to pull out my outfit and off I go. I know it’s ironed, cleaned and it works. Being a morning person, I’d rather put that time towards something more productive than puzzling out what to wear.
  2. Everything is ironed, laundered and mended.
    How frustrating is it when the outfit you had in your head is actually still in the wash? Or in need of repair? By planning, I can make sure that everything is in a wearable condition.
  3. I can think about it when I actually have time to think about it.
    This is part of the reason I also like style challenges. It allows me to think a bit more about my wardrobe choices and try new things. The time to do that isn’t five minutes before walking out the door.
  4. I avoid “It’s Tuesday therefore I wear my black dress
    Not there is anything wrong with routine, but I like to change my wardrobe up. By planning I can push myself outside of my usual outfits and discover more potential in my wardrobe.
  5. I can track what works and suggestions for next time
    There is a little notes section that allows me to write down what works and anything I might like to try (e.g. different shoes/necklace/earrings) when next I wear the outfit. It also lets me take note of any gaps in my wardrobe that might need filling.
  6. It reminds me to take my ottd photo
    I don’t post an OTTD every day to Instagram and sometimes I’ll just forget. This gives me a little prompt to share (if I want to).

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Do you outfit plan at all?
I just need to learn to menu plan now!
Funny how I am more organised about something I really like.

8 thoughts on “Free Daily Outfit Planner + Why Bother

  1. Edie says:

    I love your organisation Robyna. I wear a uniform or workout clothes most days but I do think about it more around holidays. Then I have a good organise session for the whole holiday. It doesn’t always work out!!! Unseasonal weather which led to a large shopping trip in various countries around the world last year!!!! It was hotter than usual everywhere. If I had a normal job I’d be on fire with this lol !!!!!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Menu plan, yes but outfit plan,no – unless there is a really special occasion coming up. I think Melbourne weather is too unpredictable to plan with any certainty! I start the day in ‘active wear’ and plan as the morning progresses and I can see how the weather is going to play out. I try o stay on top of the washing/ironing’ ending so that I have some choice in the wardrobe.
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    • Robyna says:

      I WANT to meal plan properly, but we often do the Taco Tuesday, Mac n cheese Monday, Pasta Wednesday etc. meal planning approach 🙂

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