Goodbye Dear Friend (but not really)

Laughing to the sideDo you have a friend whom you may not see for a bit, but then whenever you do, you just pick up where you left off? A person that you have always admired? Someone that lifts you up when you see them? The kind of person that leaves you feeling energised after speaking with them? Someone who is always trying to make the world a little bit better? Those kinds of friends are pretty wonderful. Read more

Why are we all talking about a dress?

why are we all taking about this?

original image Swiked (Tumblr)

Fridays I work from home. Which means that I spend more time on social media than I should. My feed, like everyone elses, was filled with this dress and endless opinions on its colour. I joined in. Others joined in. The whole damn world joined in.

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Letting Go

there is hope and promise in letting go

I feel that there is a lot of rhetoric out there about “letting go”. Most that I see getting around shows no empathy and some of it verges on insensitive.

My personal perspective is that “letting go” is not as easy as it’s cracked up to be. I’m not talking about the “missing out on a good car park at Westfield” letting go, I’m talking about the really messed up emotional experience kind. I mean seriously, who goes, “Oh crap <insert the really shitty thing that happened here>. Ok, I let it go.”?!

I am the sort of person who harbours shit around for a really long time. My emotional backpack hasn’t been carry-on baggage size for a while, and I had been dragging that bitch around and analysing its contents for way too long. Read more

Making smarter food choices – it’s not so hard after all

Making healthier choices

As a twenty-something year old I was a poster girl for good health. I didn’t smoke. I didn’t dabble in drugs. I drank, but the total number of benders could be counted on one hand. I had the disposable income and time to spend on yoga and Pilates. My vegetarian lifestyle  meant my diet was full of fruit and vegetables. I was pretty lousy with sunscreen application, but all in all, my vaguely boring lifestyle made for good health.

As a thirty-something mother, my poster girl status is looking a bit tired and tattered. Bit like me really. I still don’t smoke, do drugs or drink in excess but I don’t think I can claim any brownie points. My exercise is now limited to chasing after my children, although I do try to squeeze in some classes. My now pescetarian lifestyle has left me pasta-rich and iron-poor. The yearly dental, optical and doctor check-ups often slide. My three meals a day tend to consist of my childrens’ left overs and the thought of making another sandwich for lunch leaves me a little ill. And through all this I am acutely aware that I need to lay solid foundations for healthy living for my sons.  Read more

Behind the News: Cyclone Marcia Edition

In breaking news's wetCyclone Marcia has been downgraded to a tropical low and it’s bucketing as I write this. Residents in Yeppoon and Rockhampton are facing clean up and rebuilding as we brace for potential flooding further south. We live in a tropical climate and this is what happens during our summers.

But recently, the news has gone a little weird when it covers events like this. Ever since the 2011 Brisbane floods, “weather events” have become “24 hour news events”. The thing is that whilst waiting for a cyclone to hit, there really isn’t that much news to cover. Once you have imparted the important safety information and the weather forecast, there is precious little left. But it doesn’t stop our broadcasters trying.  Bless them.

This is my imagined version of what happens in news rooms and broadcasts during the lead up to a cyclone.  Read more