28 Days of Kindness

February - Month of Kindness ChallengeIt’s February.  The month of cupid, hallmark sentiments and hard-to-get dinner reservations. The month of smug girls showing off valentine’s day flowers. I can say that – I was that smug girl, declining a lift home so I could parade my over-priced bouquet through the city streets and on the bus. The month of LOVE, in all its commercialised forms. We were going to focus on getting jiggy after babies this month. But we talked and realised what we needed this month wasn’t more sex, it was more kindness. We will talk about intimacy after children later in the year – because it IS important and we do need to talk about it – but right now, we are both yearning for a little kindness and gentleness in our lives.  You might be too. So this month we are going look at kindness. Kindness to our  families and friends and to the world at large.  And importantly, kindness to ourselves.

January started with a big bang and a flurry of ideas, goals, words of the year and intentions. As reality sets in and we haven’t hit quite all the notes we wanted, we are going to extend ourselves a little kindness, rather than beating ourselves up about it. Why do we do that as women? Why don’t we extend ourselves the same kindness we naturally extend to others? This month, we want to look at that and also how we can be kinder to those around us. Let’s put more good juju out in the world.

This month will still be about celebrating the love – just in its softer, kinder forms.

This month we challenge you to engage in acts of kindness, and here are 28 ideas (one for each day) to get you thinking.  Feel free to add your own – we would love to hear about them. And if you are an instragram kind of person, feel free to hashtag #MindTheKind if you photograph any of your acts of kindness.

28 Days of Kindness


  1. Take an hour to yourself to do something you love and get lost in doing – not work.
  2. Spend some money on yourself and don’t feel guilty about it. If money is not an option, spend some time on yourself and don’t feel guilty about it.
  3. Do nothing – absolutely nothing for 10 minutes – we dare you!
  4. Just for one day, don’t beat yourself up. About anything.
  5. Keep a gratitude journal – see if it changes how you view the world.
  6. Arrange to meet up with the friend that always makes you laugh and giggle the afternoon away.
  7. Draw a bath. Close the door. Relax.
  8. Think about three things you really like about yourself.
  9. Pick up the phone and book yourself in for whatever appointment it is you need – whether it’s an mundane doctor appointment, an eyebrow wax, a haircut or a dental appointment.  Just do it.
  10. Paint. Even if the last time you picked up a paintbrush was kindergarten. Just pick up a brush and some colours and see what happens.


  1. Send a parcel in the mail to a child you know – you might send a book or some stickers – just getting the parcel will be exciting!
  2. Send a thank you card to someone you love but seldom thank for the special place they have in your life.
  3. Do something especially kind for your partner.
  4. Offer to baby-sit for a friend that you know needs a few hours to herself.
  5. Host a dinner party – cook for people you love and take time doing it.
  6. Write a long letter or email to your closest friend.
  7. Compliment your partner – a real heartfelt compliment.
  8. Let your friends with kids know how great a job they are doing with their children.
  9. Give your mum (or another wonderful woman in your life) a bunch of flowers.
  10. Print out pictures of your family, place them in an album and give it to your parents.


  1. Suspend a coffee (i.e. pay for the next person in line’s brew).
  2. Give a $10 note to a busker.
  3. If you see someone taking a photo of their family or friends, offer to take the photo so that they can be in the picture.
  4. Smile at people.
  5. Buy a copy of the Big Issue and have a yarn with the vendor.
  6. Compliment a parent on how well behaved their children are behaving.
  7. Leave your magazine on the bus, train or plane with a note saying “For you to read … enjoy”
  8. When you are the beach (or something other wonderful natural place) take three bits of rubbish with you (don’t leave any of your own rubbish, obviously!)

Do you have any other ideas? Do you need some kindness this February?


During February, bloggers from all around the world are leading their voices to compassion. We will be posting about compassion and kindness all month, but bloggers everywhere will join together on the 20th February to speak for compassion. Click on the image to find out more.


9 thoughts on “28 Days of Kindness

    • Robyna says:

      Thank you! And thank you for always being so kind, lovely lady. I am eagerly awaiting your return to blogging, but also think the most important thing in the world is your health and well-being.

  1. yinyangmother says:

    Glad to have found your blog via FYBF and to find out about the theme of kindness for the month of February – you are very right that the world needs a lot more kindness and gentleness and it is the simple things that often count the most. I’ve signed up to join in the 1000 voices for compassion – what a great idea.

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