The Real Housewives of Peppa Pig

If you have nothing but a passing knowledge of Peppa Pig, then this post will make no sense to you. And you will suspect I am slightly unhinged. If your child has only a moderate interest in the antics of the pig family this will make moderate sense. And you will presume I am moderately unhinged. If your child is obsessed with Peppa Pig then you will be as unhinged as I am. And this will make perfect sense.

If you’d rather Peppa Pig remain unsullied, maybe check out this post about an imagined episode of Offspring instead.

The real housewives of Peppa Pig

You see, I have my suspicions that things aren’t quite as rosy in Peppa Pig town as we are lead to believe. I think all that jumping in muddy puddles and (literal) ROFL is masking darker truths.  Read more

My (almost) 30 days without coffee

Most people give up coffee due to a health kick, pregnancy or one of those self-sacrificing deals for charity. Me? I lost a bet.

without coffee

I swore black and blue that my wedding anniversary was on the 15th October. My husband, who is much better at dates than I am, was keen to bet I was mistaken. And to wager a month without coffee. Despite the fact that it was highly unlikely he was wrong. Despite the fact that I have a terrible memory when it comes to dates. Despite the fact that I once had our wedding date engraved on a key ring and then promptly misplaced the key ring. Despite the fact that I REALLY love coffee, I took the bet. As you know, I lost.

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Your guide to spotting mums on a night out

The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur. Things have been FULL ON. Amongst all the busy, there have been a lot of nights out. Many of them with other mums.

Mums Night Out

No one parties quite like a mum on a night off. Chances to dress up, drink and dance are limited. I like to make the most of them. But things aren’t quite what they used to be.

Here are some sure fire signs it’s a mum (with little kids) on a night out:

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Culinary disasters of the baking kind

culinary disasters of the banking kind

A little while back the insanely talented, terribly funny, not so great at baking, and hard to track down at conferences, Hugzilla shared this story of baking gone wrong – The Fine Art of Murdering Simple Recipes.

I imagine most people read that post and basked in the comparative glory of their domestic diety.

I read it and thought “thank goodness it’s not just me”.

My culinary skills are likewise limited. But I do try.

In the spirit of making other baking impaired people feel better, and amusing those who manage, I thought I’d share my latest misadventure.

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What to Wear to ProBlogger

What to wear to ProBlogger-2What to wear to ProBlogger
There has been a lot of concern in the lead up to ProBlogger.  Concern over meeting new people. Concern over cliques. Concern over business cards (me). Concern over being a hugger and hugging people who don’t want hugging (again, me – as in being the concerned over-hugger). And then there has been concern over not being particularly concerned.

But the largest area of concern seems to be: What to Wear to ProBlogger.

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Blogging Tips for the Jaded

Blogging Tips for the jadedI love the blogging community and I am very grateful for the great advice published by so many people. In the lead up to ProBlogger and at the conference itself, I know that I am going to come across even more advice.

But there are times when my inner cynic tends to come out. Sometimes “blogging rules” are much like “parenting rules” – you cannot follow them all as they contradict each other and their generalist nature doesn’t actually suit your particular baby. Also, sometimes the advice is crap. So I thought I’d write my own list of (firmly tongue in cheek) blogging advice.

If you aren’t a blogger and would like a laugh, why not check out this post: Things I suspect I should have already known

My super-cynical, very good blogging tips for a super, awesome blog:

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