Make your wardrobe work and play with Philosophy Fashion

Making your wardrobe

Philosophy Fashion Australia generously gifted the clothing in this post.

When I worked full-time in a conservative office my clothing choices seemed easier.  A pencil skirt or tailored pant, a button-down shirt, killer heels and discrete jewellery. My weekend wardrobe was relaxed and casual. My party pieces were fun, short and generally bejewelled. Needless to say, these three separate wardrobes seldom hung out together. My different identities were neatly compartmentalised and so was my closet.

After having children, those identities became muddled. A different lifestyle (less party, more park), working from home (less pencil skirts, more PJ pants), children (less ironing, more stain tolerance) and suddenly my wardrobe needed to behave differently. I don’t have three separate wardrobes anymore. Closet space is at a premium and every piece of clothing taking up room needs to pay rent. I want pieces that I can wear in different ways for different occasions.  And I love it when brands understand that. One such brand is Philosophy Fashion Australia.  Read more

Easter School Holiday Ideas & Free Printable Calendar

School Holiday Ideas

The school holidays are mere days away and Master I is counting down the days.  So am I to be honest. I am sure that the gloss will wear off by the second week, but right now I am happily looking forward to mornings without lunch prep and shouting. I can’t wait for days spent in our PJs. Baby E will still have a couple of day-care days, but rather than putting Master I into care and working, I will enjoy some mummy/son time with my eldest. There are a some great movies coming out –  Home is a definite, Cinderella might need some more convincing. There is a new dinosaur exhibit to explore. The days are still warm enough for the beach. We will get to spend time with cousins and full days playing with friends.

Every holiday we try to pack all sorts of things in, and a calendar is useful for planning our days. Below is a printable PDF version that you can use too.

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Unlock your Style: A book review & a story

Unlock Your Style - A Book Review

A few years back my dear friend spent a day with a stylist. She was pampered with new hair, fresh makeup, a wardrobe audit and advice. I was very curious, and yes, just a wee bit jealous.  My friend loved her experience and her hot new outfits but one morning with a stylist didn’t fundamentally change her style.

The idea of transformation or the revelation of our best selves is an alluring one. Read more

The art of the everyday style selfie

Since blogging at the Mummy and the Minx, I have taken to the outfit selfie on instagram. Sometimes as part of a challenge, and sometimes because, well, just because. I have made lots of instagram friends over a shared love of fashion and I love seeing other people’s street style. I find so much practical inspiration in what others post. Read more

Sew a beach cover up from a sarong

Easy sewing project - sew a beach cover up for a sarong. Instructions in link.

One of my favourite childhood memories is watching my mother sew.  The fact that she could conjure gorgeousness from fabric, a pattern and her sewing machine was like magic. When I was quite young, she taught me how to do the same thing and I am so grateful. I still make some of my own clothes, although nothing as ambitious as my mother makes. It’s such a wonderful, creative past time and I intend to pass it down to my sons.

To those that say they can only sew a straight line, this project is for you.  This is a super simple way to knock yourself up a new top or beach throw, using something you most probably already have. For some reason, I had a bit of a love affair with sarongs when I was in my early twenties. I now have a stash of them – and I never use them. So I decided to whip up a beach cover-up using one.  Read more

Style Inspiration – Where to get your style fix online

Style Fix

Not that long ago, style inspiration came from magazines and people watching and that was about it. The internet and social media have opened up so many new windows on style. We have gorgeous style bloggers (I hope you don’t mind me masquerading as one for a month). We have sites dedicated to street style (same faves below). People sharing their outfits on Instagram and their inspirations on Pinterest. We have so many online goodies to choose from, with a whole wide world of shopping at our fingertips. We can watch fashion shows being lived streamed from all corners of the globe. We can even customise shoes and bikinis through online magic. Fashion has become truly democratic. And whilst some will mourn that, I think it’s a good thing.

Here are some of my favourite style people and sites. 

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