Easter School Holiday Ideas & Free Printable Calendar

School Holiday Ideas

The school holidays are mere days away and Master I is counting down the days.  So am I to be honest. I am sure that the gloss will wear off by the second week, but right now I am happily looking forward to mornings without lunch prep and shouting. I can’t wait for days spent in our PJs. Baby E will still have a couple of day-care days, but rather than putting Master I into care and working, I will enjoy some mummy/son time with my eldest. There are a some great movies coming out –  Home is a definite, Cinderella might need some more convincing. There is a new dinosaur exhibit to explore. The days are still warm enough for the beach. We will get to spend time with cousins and full days playing with friends.

Every holiday we try to pack all sorts of things in, and a calendar is useful for planning our days. Below is a printable PDF version that you can use too.

Easter School Holiday 2015 Printable Calendar

Click on image to download PDF version.

And if you are looking for some school holiday ideas, here are our top 5:

  1. A day in the park. There are so many great parks around Brisbane. Some of our favourites are South Bank (the water park), Rocks Riverside Park, Wynnum Foreshore, Capalaba Regional Park and Whites Hill Reserve.
  2. A themed day. During our last holidays we had a Star Wars day. My darling sister (a teacher) came over, dressed as Princess Leia no less, and we spent the day making Star Wars craft, having light sabre battles, watching the first movie and baking Star Wars themed goodies. There are so many ideas on Pinterest for this sort of thing and Master I LOVED it.

    StarWars Fun

    And the best aunty in the world award goes to….

  3. Exploring GOMA and the museum.  There is always something fun going on at the museum and GOMA. I love how accessible they make learning for children. This holidays, the robotic dinosaur exhibition starts. Robots, dinosaurs, boys – need I say more?
  4. Mummy day off. I love having both my kids at home, but it is exhausting. Why not do a swap with a friend where they take your kids for one day and you take their kids the next, giving you both a day off. I always find kids are easier to entertain en masse in any case.
  5. Bouncing at one of the indoor trampoline centres. These things have sprung (ahem) up all over the place and the kids LOVE them. I am sure we will be going at least once.

And then there is still the beach, bike rides, nature walks, scavenger hunts, movies, ice skating, bowling, park plays with friends, cubbies to build, stories to write, paintings to create …

Actually, I am not sure who is more excited!

Disclaimer: Tired and over-it mummy post will come in the second week of holidays, I am sure.

What are your plans for the school holidays?