On being permanently plugged in

On being permanently plugged in
The freeway is tantalising close but impossible to access. I am at the end of a dead end street with a huge wall separating me from where I need to go. I have no idea how to get back to Brisbane from our day trip. My phone’s battery is hovering at 6% and draining rapidly. Google maps has been crashing regularly. I have an ageing refidex in the car that I do not trust and two tired young boys keen to get home. It’s moments like these I realise how reliant I am on being plugged in. I try google maps again, praying the battery won’t run flat. I know I won’t be able to rely on the guided GPS and try to memorise the route home. Even that seems a difficult feat. Holding so much temporary information in a brain used to relying on a hand held device for short term memory.

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My (almost) 30 days without coffee

Most people give up coffee due to a health kick, pregnancy or one of those self-sacrificing deals for charity. Me? I lost a bet.

without coffee

I swore black and blue that my wedding anniversary was on the 15th October. My husband, who is much better at dates than I am, was keen to bet I was mistaken. And to wager a month without coffee. Despite the fact that it was highly unlikely he was wrong. Despite the fact that I have a terrible memory when it comes to dates. Despite the fact that I once had our wedding date engraved on a key ring and then promptly misplaced the key ring. Despite the fact that I REALLY love coffee, I took the bet. As you know, I lost.

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Things my kids do that make me feel old

I think I am getting old. I have started talking about how I used to walk to school, bare foot through the snow and could only watch the cartoons on Saturday mornings. Clearly the snow is an exaggeration in balmy Brisbane, but the cartoons bit is about right.

There are so many things that my kids do that I would never dreamed of at their age.

getting old

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