Spring/Summer Trends from Lights of Paddington

The other weekend I headed into Paddington for a fashion parade. The local boutiques hosted Lights of Paddington and show-cased Spring/Summer trends. A gorgeous array of clothing, jewellery and shoes.

It’s been a long time since I attended that kind of event. Since I had been within the fashion fold.

It rekindled something. Served as a reminder that I really do love fashion. I’ve let that part of me go for a little while. Not that I have been dressing in sack cloth – but discussing fashion, thinking about it, revelling in it has been absent. After my year of not buying new clothes, I have remained fairly frugal and restrained with new purchases. But that attitude to fashion doesn’t preclude being able to enjoy it.

So in the spirit of recapturing a creative outlet, I am going to start posting style posts again and being more regular with outfit posts on Instagram.

With the memory of the parade fresh, I thought I’d start with the Spring/Summer trends.


There were plenty of stripes on the runway and not just in the traditional, nautical blue and white. There were bold and brilliant combinations of colour splashed all over the runway.

Temple Bay in gorgeous stripes photocredit: @templebay on instagram

Humming Bird The Shop – colourful stripes photocredit: @hummingbirdtheshop on instagram


Florals have been big for a while now and show no signs of abating. Patterns are on the larger side with quirky botanical details.

Ruffled Midi Length Skirts

I am not a huge ra-ra skirt fan, it’s a little too young and a little too eighties all at once. But when the hem-lines drop to a midi-skirt length, those ruffles become much more appealing. Nearly every boutique showed a variation of the mid-length ruffle skirt. And they can be restyled as dresses, so win-win!

Temple Bay Ruffle Skirt styled as dress photocredit: @templebay on instagram

Co-ordinated Tops and Bottoms

This might be my favourite trend of the season. Separates used to created the illusion of a dress or jump suit but with the practicality of a top and bottom. This trend is everywhere at the moment, often in a floral print. From tops and skirts to jackets and shorts, there are a variety of shapes to suit everyone.

Sacha Drake set – top and skirt photocredit: @sacha_drake on instagram


Nearly every boutique and high street shop are selling linen at the moment. Spotlight has the best range of linen fabric it’s had in a long time. I personally love linen, particularly in blush (I think we are currently calling it millennial pink). It’s a great time of year to stock up on those linen basics.

How I am going to adopt the Spring/Summer trends

I have made myself a couple of linen pieces and I bought a two piece floral outfit recently from H&M.

When in it’s not on trend, linen tends to be expensive and the cuts quite conservative. So if you are a linen lover, this is the time to stock up on the less expensive and quirkier pieces. I’ll be stocking up on linen fabric.

The two piece I have purchased operates well together but I also love the pieces individually. I think this is key when buying into a new trend – you have to LOVE it otherwise you will feel uncomfortable while it’s en vogue and it will be out of your wardrobe the second it’s not.

Like most sewers, I have a few half-finished, forgotten pieces in the sewing room. One of those is rainbow striped dress that I will re-incarnate into a top.

Guests at the fashion parade where spoiled with discounts to spend at the various boutiques along the Paddington strip. I will be investing mine in one of those gorgeous ruffled skirts.

And that will be my Spring Summer sorted.

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  1. Kez @ Awesomely Unprepared says:

    I love that your passion for fashion has been re-ignited! I look forward to more fashion-y posts! I just came home from a holiday feeling refreshed and inspired. For the first time in a long time I finally had the desire and the means to update my wardrobe a little and it’s been so fun thinking about pretty things!
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