What to wear to Adele

I’m old. I know this because I listen to ABC radio in the car, can’t see without my contacts and have an emergency set of tweezers on stand by. But despite my advancing age, or perhaps because or it, I’m headed to a concert next week. Like a lot of people in Brisbane, I’m off to see Adele.

Tickets were a Christmas present from my husband. There was a great deal of hinting. I actually unwrapped the Adele biography. A few moments of frantic searching revealed no tickets hiding in the pages. So I had to ask “does this mean what I think it means?” We had a circular, cryptic conversation that amused him and frustrated me. Happens often.

Anyway, after confirming the existence of tickets, my mind turned to what to wear.  There are a few practicalities to consider. It will be hot. We will have to walk a fair way to the concert itself – Gabba parking being horrendous. There shall be dancing. We are going out to dinner before hand.

Normally I’d go for skinny jeans, boots and a cute tee, but it’s just going to be way too warm. And I don’t think it’s Adele’s vibe.

A little bit stuck, I looked through my old #everydaystyle instagram posts to see if an outfit would jump out. Having that back catalogue of looks is just one reason I like being a part of the #everydaystyle community. I’m not buying any new clothes this year, so a new outfit is out of the question. And it turns out completely unnecessary.

Here’s some already-in-the-wardrobe outfit inspo when it’s too hot for jeans and you’re well past rocking a musical festival midriff…

Sixties Vintage

Take a leaf out of Adele’s book and go for vintage with a 60s twist. I recently made these two dresses from a sixties pattern and I’ll most likely wear one of them with a pair of cute ballet flats. They are very mini, so I’ll wear some tiny shorts underneath for dancing reasons. If you haven’t whipped any of these up for yourself lately, Jericho Road Clothing do a great line in short printed dresses.

Moody Florals

Dark florals are another Adele favourite, and I reckon a dark floral dress or blouse would be a way to go. Styled by Bec has a great post on dark florals currently in season.

Maxi + Flower Crown

Keeping in a vintage frame of mind and heading into the seventies, a maxi would also be a great pick. I’ll be wearing a flower crown if I go down this route. Seriously, if you can’t wear one to a concert – where can you wear them? The cutest little florist has opened just down the road from me and has flower crown classes! Sign me up.

Retro Cute

Pants are a good bet for maximum dancing comfort. But I’d wear something with a cute retro twist. I’m a bit tempted to re-visit this outfit with a different, more OTT head scarf. Here’s how to wear them by the fancy folk at Frankie.

Flamenco Dancer

Or perhaps I’ll go for a bit of Spanish flair with either of these señorita looks. I’ll wear flowers in my hair and an amazing pair of earrings. The dress on the right is by the lovely folk over at Rasaleela – who pride themselves on ethical fashion.

So apparently, after initially thinking I have nothing to wear, I’m spoiled for choice. Just goes to show that shopping your wardrobe works wonders.

Are you headed to an Adele concert?
What are you wearing?

10 thoughts on “What to wear to Adele

  1. Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid says:

    I only found out I scored a ticket to Adele yesterday so your post is perfectly timed. I was so excited about getting the ticket, I hadn’t thought about what to wear! I don’t have sixties mini dress, florals or flamencos though so might have to go with what’s clean and what fits! Hope you have an ace night!
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  2. Jane says:

    I’m off to Adele as well, with a 15 year old posse, (although I think the correct term is squad, or it might have moved on to “the fam” I hadn’t given it a thought either, but they have been planning for weeks.

    • Robyna says:

      I love the new terms that leave me a little baffled. My niece talks about “gathos” rather than parties and I remember calling them gatherings, not as new language, but to fool my parents into thinking it wasn’t actually a party.

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