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Over the past week I have joined in iCurvy’s #Rulebreakersclub style challenge. It’s all about breaking the taboos we impose on dressing. Jo (and her community) came up with some “forbidden pairs” and invited the instagram style community to rip up the style rules.

rule breakers and style challenges

I am not a big fan of style rules. I think it’s hard enough to get dressed in the morning without putting barriers in the way. But I am a big fan of style challenges. They inevitably show me new ways I can wear what’s already in my wardrobe. Like most people, I tend to rely on a few outfits that I know work. There’s nothing wrong with that but there are playmates in my wardrobe that will get on marvellously and I haven’t introduced them.

A style challenge will get me thinking about my clothes in a different way. I’ll try combinations that I wouldn’t without that little prompt. I am sure that this wardrobe rediscovery is occurring amongst the other #rulebreakers. In turn, their style shares are inspiring me to try other combinations in my own wardrobe. Which is the beauty of style challenges – the inspiration just keeps coming.

Whenever I post an outfit pic on Instagram, I still have that “shudder” moment when I worry about what others might think. Not the other people who also share their style – we all get it – but my other mates on Instagram. I worry that it appears so self-involved and even a little delusional. But I get over it, because I really like seeing what other people are posting. Particularly as part of style challenges.

Nikki from Styling You shared something recently during one of her live Facebook chats that really made me think. (Nikki shares her live videos in her Everydaystyle Facebook closed group, which you can join here). Someone asked about where to shop as a thirty year old. I understand that issue. The shops I like aim their marketing squarely at twenty year olds (Glassons, Witchery, Decjuba, Forever New etc.). But Nikki pointed out their average customer is potentially closer to my age (38). The place where we can see the clothes we like, on women who look like us, is Instagram. For all the apparent vacuous vanity, the sharing of outfits on Instagram is actually really helpful for those interested in looking stylish. And I suppose we are participating in our own version of “ripping up the rule book” by showcasing clothes on a variety of body shapes, ages and styles.

So, what did I learn this particular challenge? I’ll share my outfits and tell you …

Out of all these outfits, the only one I have worn before is the blue ombre dress with the reverse ombre necklace. How could I go past such a perfect match for matchy matchy? The red jacket and blush top would have never have met if it wasn’t for this challenge. But they will be best friends from herein. Both the print clash pieces are from Review and yet I haven’t worn them together before. I’d completely forgotten about the blue top in my wardrobe that I wore for blue + green. I love my silver sneakers with the gold flecked top. Again it’s a combination I wouldn’t have put together without the prompts.

The other reason I love style challenges is it means that I wardrobe plan for the week ahead and then I don’t have to think about it again. I am quite an organised person, but  I’ll tell you a secret. Ssssh…. I’m also sort of lazy and being organised allows me to get away with it. If you want to try it out, with or without a style challenge, this post might help.

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Are you joining in on #rulebreakersclub?
Do you share outfits on Instagram?
Would you like to but feel a little weird about it?


16 thoughts on “Style Challenges & Breaking Rules

  1. Jan Wild says:

    I loved your rule breakers outfits Robyna, just gorgeous. And as a 60+ I was dismayed that Nikki was asked that question by someone so young. At my age if I took any notice of the models who show the clothes I want to wear, well I would be running around naked!
    Jan Wild recently posted…Christmas past and presentMy Profile

    • Robyna says:

      hahah – that definitely would break a few rules! I think it’s great that style has been democratised by social media – for everyone, not just the under 20s.

  2. Jo @ You had us at hello says:

    I love all those looks and what a cool challenge – that just opens up your wardrobe for more possibilities! I must admit I’m not all that daring but I’ve just joined Nikkis group so that’s a great start! Thanks Robyna xx

  3. Nikki Parkinson says:

    Robyna, you inspire SO much with your style – in challenges and for the every day … I like to think that collectively we’re flipping the old-school way of fashion marketing on its head. And do you know what? We ARE. Women want to see everyday women of all shapes and sizes – and ages – in different clothes. Most of us cannot connect with the look of clothes on a model – the campaign images in store, online and in magazines – but we can connect with real people living lives similar to our own.


    • Robyna says:

      Exactly right. I have bought so many more things after seeing them on someone I can relate to on Instagram than have because of a catalogue or magazine ad.

  4. Kirsten and co says:

    Great post Robyna. I used to buy fashion magazines for ideas and inspiration – they’ve since been replaced with a quick scroll through Instagram hashtags because what I see there is so much more relatable. Your style always inspires me x

    • Robyna says:

      I totally agree – I still like the fashion magazines, more for inscription on what to make rather than buy, but for day to day style inspo, I can’t go past Instagram. Your style inspires me too xx

    • Robyna says:

      The denim top was actually a “dress” from Shabby Sisters – but definitely more a top on me :). The sneakers are from Target (but the top was actually gold flecked, but don’t think it really photographed).

  5. Jenni @unclutter my world says:

    Thanks for a great post and also the wonderful style inspiration that you bring to the #everydaystyle Robyna. Like Kirsten, instagram has become my go to place for clothes style inspiration. I used to spend many hours pouring over mags looking for something that would suit me. Know I can look through all of the amazing daily posts to find new looks and brands to investigate further. I’ve now also started using the Smart Closet app to keep track of my wardrobe items and plan outfits. The lookbook tool on the app is great for shopping your wardrobe to create looks that i’ve seen on instagram.

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