The Baby and The Business Meeting

the Baby and the Business MeetingThe teleconference was scheduled for 1:15pm. An ideal time, I thought. The baby will be sleeping, I thought. I don’t have to arrange care, I thought. 

In my perfectly planned day we would spend the morning with my friend and her kids, followed by a visit to Nanny’s shop.  Enough play and excitement to lure a reluctant sleeper into an ideally timed nap. He would fall asleep in the car on the way home and I would have ample time to prepare, attend the meeting and finalise any resulting work. Baby E would would wake at 2:30 on the dot. A quick snack and a nappy change before picking up Master I from school.

That is not what happened.

This is what happened.

We headed over for our play. My gorgeous friend served home-made sesame seed snaps and kiwi fruit. I had brought Baby E milk arrowroot biscuits, rice wheels and a token banana. You can guess whose morning tea received the most attention.

After a truly lovely morning, even if I was feeling lunch box mummy guilt, we headed over to Nanny’s shop. I eyed the rear vision mirror, making sure that there was no signs of baby E nodding off before I needed him too. The tell-tale smell wafting into the front seat meant that there was no chance of that. I pulled into a car-park and searched frantically for a nappy. I don’t carry a nappy bag any more – there comes a time when you know what you need and when you need it. I thought that time was when my baby was nearly two. I was wrong. I was cursing myself for travelling light. But I did not panic as I always have a few spare nappies and wipes in the car. Unfortunately I had not checked those supplies for some time. I found a solitary nappy that was about three sizes too small and one very sad looking baby wipe.

Once upon a time I had a nicely set up change area in the boot of the car. It has since been taken over by a tricycle, a bicycle and six soccer balls. As I attempted to find a little space in the crowded boot, those balls rolled out of the car and onto the busy road. With a smelly toddler under one arm and fearing what would happen at soccer training, I ran down the road to retrieve them. All balls accounted for, I went to change baby E and quickly realised this was not a one baby wipe situation. After some patchy work with a few stray tissues, I decided it would have to do.

We visited with Nanny and headed home. The long way. No sign of sleep. “Car”, “Car” Baby E sung as we passed traffic. The car as a getting to sleep device was failing badly.

Eventually I gave up and hoped that a favourite Chuggington train set would offer enough distraction as I attended the teleconference. It did not.

The meeting ended just as I needed to leave to pick up Master I from school. Baby E fell asleep on the way.

Next time, I am getting a baby-sitter. And re-stocking the car.

How do your plans of working with children in the house work out?

8 thoughts on “The Baby and The Business Meeting

    • Robyna says:

      Thanks – I wish I could say it was an extraordinary day but it was pretty much same, same! I must admit, I was almost composing the blog post as it was happening though! Thank goodness for an outlet 🙂

  1. Heike Herrling says:

    I too recently had an incident involving undersized nappies being the only nappies on hand. Grrrr – the grow too fast!
    Today, I filed an international trademark application whilst feeding the baby. Pretty sure I got boobie milk on the forms. Thankfully they only needed to be scanned, not mailed in hard copy #phew.

  2. Isabel says:

    Mums are just amazing – I admire every one of you! And yes, even if it was tough living through it, it definitely makes good material for an amusing blog post!

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