New Beginnings and Positive Vibes

This month’s challenge is all about greeting the new year in a positive and inspiring way. It’s all about New Beginnings + Positive Vibes.

The new year brings with it new resolutions. Normally centred around eating more healthily, living more gently, exercising more regularly and, depending on the level of rust on New Years Day, drinking less. Plans tend to dissipate around Australia Day. We have been thinking about why that is.

Those resolutions, worthy as they are, aren’t anchored to a deeper commitment. This year, we are going to picture what we want our 2015 to feel and go from there. We invite you to do the same during this month’s challenge.

Challenge One – Reflection Journal

Take a moment to yourself to really reflect on the past year. Maybe light a candle or write within a special book – set aside this time to honour yourself.
Reflecting on 2014, how do you feel? The good and the bad?
How do you want to feel at the end of 2015?
What do you do that makes you feel the way you want to? What will it take / what do you need to change to feel the way you want to?
Using that reflection, what is your intention for the new year?

Challenge Two – Vision Board

Collage, create, paint, draw or write your intention/s. Use whatever medium speaks to your soul to create a beautiful reference point that you can come back to through out the year. Here are some ideas we collated on Pinterest.

Challenge Three – Your space

Create a space in your home, in your life which is just yours. This might be your desk/office. It could be a place in your garden, or a reading nook. Maybe it’s just a certain period of time each week which you can call entirely your own. Or perhaps it’s a beautiful journal where you can collate all the things that inspire you. Whatever you choose, this is a place of restoration, just for you. You may like to incorporate your vision board into this space. We have made some Pinterest boards for inspiration.

Challenge Four – Commitment

What positive changes are you going to make this year to realise your intentions?

Commit to three realistic changes this year (this might be a particular mind set or of committing to exercise three days a week).

Challenge Five – Affirmations

Affirmations can be a powerful way to remind ourselves of what is truly important to us.  They can range from quotes that inspire us, images that lift us up, kind words given to us by others to words that we write ourselves. Find at least three affirmations that align with your intentions for this year. Make them look beautiful – maybe through collage or through print – and place them in your home where you can see them regularly.  I intend to make some digital versions using canva, and then placing them within my digital photo frame.
Here are some affirmations that we love and believe in on Pinterest.

You can download worksheets to help you through the challenge here 

Image Credit The Mummy and the Miinx

We wish you a 2015 full of love, kindness and dreams realised.

2015 - Image by the Mummy and the Minx


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