How to get out of a style rut

There are so many ways to fall into a style rut. Motherhood. A change of jobs or towns. Break-ups. Weight gain or loss. A complete absence of time to spend on ourselves.┬áSometimes it’s just malaise and feeling bleurrgh.

We end up hating on everything in our over-flowing wardrobes with nothing to wear.

style rut

Here are 7 ideas on how to pull yourself out of a style rut. Read more

Recognising when you need time and space

To some extent I feel like I bang on quite a bit about the challenges I have experienced being a FIFO wife and now that the the hubby is home, the challenges of having to adapt to him being here.

I tend to make light of it, or as soon as I talk about an aspect of it that is difficult, I quickly say how lucky we were to have the opportunity or similar, and of course there is the classic telling everyone I am fine when I am not. Read more