Pip’s super cute quiz to sum up our year….

The year is coming to a close. It is Christmas Day tomorrow! How did that happen right? We are so grateful for many things that 2014 has given us. In particular we are overwhelmed and humbled by the support of this little community that we are building. You guys are really ace. We are sending you all the sincerest thanks, love and light from our hearts.
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Now, in keeping with the theme of reflection this month, we have done  a little exercise and we thought you might like to do it too.

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We have Rachel over from Our Town Brisbane + FREE Printable Holiday Calendar

Banner-OurTown-sunset-light2We are so excited to be hanging out with Rachel from Our Town Brisbane this month.

Brisbane is our home town as well, and there is always something going on. We just don’t always know about the somethings. That’s where Rachel’s blog comes in. It’s a fantastic way for anyone living in or visiting Brisbane to keep their finger on the pulse of this vibrant city. And coming into Christmas and school holidays, we thought it was the perfect time to collaborate on how to keep yourself, and your kids, entertained.  Read more

The importance of tradition and rituals

When I think about my childhood and adolescence,this is what is etched into my memory: 

  • Sitting at our dining room table and eating breakfast and dinner together, as a family, almost every day.
  • Driving to Brisbane for Christmas Holidays and staying with my mum’s parents and great grandmother. HUGE Christmas days with my Dad’s enormous family and alternating smaller ones with my Mum’s family.  Read more

Creating Memories & Cherishing Moments – Our Photography Project

CHALLENGE - Image Credit Robyna MayWhen we started to chat about this month’s central theme – creating memories and cherishing moments – we started talking about the WHY behind our photos.

As bloggers, we are learning the art of the flat-lay, the instagram-able moment, the pinterest-worthy image. We laugh with each other as we move things around to “style” a lovely shot, but these images are fleeting. We aren’t likely to print them out and keep them in an album. They are never going to grace our walls or frames. So often we grab our phones with the intention of immediately sharing the pic and without the intention of keeping it for posterity.

So, we decided that we would commit to taking photos outside of the intention to share on social media. Images that caught our eye. New ways to use our cameras. Different kinds of moments.

And, in a somewhat ironic move, we are sharing them with you today.

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