How Sport Makes our Family Stronger + an Amazing Comp

Sport and Family

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Being a sports fan is new to me. It wasn’t big in my own family but it was huge in my husband’s. A family of basketball stars and football fanatics. Now we are growing our own. Our seven year old is obsessed with soccer and is a keen lover of AFL and NRL. Our three year old has a knack for winning the family tipping competition. Yep, we are part of an extended family that runs a footy tipping competition. The kind of family where my husband helps coach the kid’s soccer team. The kind of family that holds season passes. The kind of family where sport is important.

Not just playing it but watching it, discussing it and being excited by it. Barracking for our favourite teams and going to games as a family. It’s part of our household DNA. What makes us us

In a scene repeated around the country, our Saturday mornings are spent at sport — cheering and playing. An afternoon footy game on TV will see us snuggled on the couch together, sharing popcorn and my eldest cracking us up with his “commentary”. A few times during the AFL and NRL seasons, we will go to live games as a family. The kids dress up in team colours and excited smiles. When a particularly big soccer match is being televised live, my husband and my seven year old will wake before dawn and watch it together, cosy under a blanket. In all of this, I can see memories being made.

I believe we all want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. I think that’s why playing and particularly following sport is so popular in Australia. There is a palpable sense of excitement in the air when a big game is on — a contagious desire for the home team to win. The volume at our place when a well-loved team narrowly wins a game goes beyond an 11. And we often hear the same whoops of joy from next door. It’s an elated feeling to share with hugs and high-fives all around. And when our team doesn’t do so well it’s a good lesson in how to handle disappointment and build resilience. With the emotional investment made by all involved, you’d be forgiven for thinking we were part of the team. And to be honest, I think the kids feel that they are.

My son’s class was recently asked to write an assignment on their favourite place. Somewhere they felt a strong connection to. He couldn’t decide between his local soccer club, the Gabba or Suncorp Stadium. His local club narrowly won out. Sport provides him with a such a strong sense of place and identity. Whether it’s playing with his mates or barracking for his favourite team, it forms a part of his emerging identity. It gives him a feeling of belonging.

Some knock sport as an opiate of the masses, some believe our nation is far too blinkered by sport to the detriment of other things. I understand that thinking — I grew up with it. But when I watch my boys enjoying a live game or watching it on the television, I see something more than an obsession. They are learning and dreaming. When my eldest notes a bit of play, he’s not just admiring it, he’s thinking about how he might emulate it. Because the beauty of loving sport as a child is that it’s not only entertaining, it paves the way for dreaming. It inspires them to go outside, play and test their dreams. And it inspires me to do that with them.

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How does sport draw your family together?

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25 thoughts on “How Sport Makes our Family Stronger + an Amazing Comp

  1. Seana says:

    I am so with you. I was brought up with zero sport in the household but have a sports mad husband and three boys who all play or played league and love watching all sorts.My wee lass is a mad gymnast so we watch that too. Sport has been fantastic for our family, the community around our local clubs is fantastic which is especially valuable to immigrants like us who have no extended family. the kids have great role models, people who care about them – so good.
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    • Robyna says:

      I have learned to love it with them. I even get quite excited during games now. And our local club is similarly wonderful in its friendliness.

  2. Renee Wilson says:

    I don’t come from a sporty family either. The only thing I did was dancing which my eldest now does. My husband was into rock climbing, kayaking and canoe polo, so he encourages our girls to give those things a go too. Well the rock climbing anyway – I’m sure the kayaking and polo will come 🙂
    Renee Wilson recently posted…Conversations with the wedding dressMy Profile

    • Robyna says:

      Canoe polo? That sounds awesome. It’s lovely that our husbands can give our kids a different experience to the ones we had growing up.

  3. Josefa says:

    Sport is essential in our family, boys play junior soccer – dad is the coach! It brings us all together for training two nights a week and game day – even over the summer soccer keep us together … and I wouldn’t want it any other way, dirty muddy soccer boots and all!
    Josefa recently posted…Conversations with the Wedding DressMy Profile

    • Robyna says:

      Some in our house – and I love those Saturdays on the side line, chatting to the other parents and cheering our boys on together.

  4. Hugzilla says:

    I am SO not a sports loving person but since having the kids I have gone full soccer mum. So ironic. LOL! Not gonna lie, I hate the freezing early morning starts in the middle of winter…

    • Robyna says:

      I am also in total soccer mum mode. I figure it will be one of those things I’ll look back on fondly. Can’t really complain about frosty mornings in Brisbane.

  5. Tegan says:

    What awesome memories you are making with your family! One of my friends boyfriend is an avid AFL fan and as a result she has gone to a few games. She said even though she doesn’t follow the sport, the atmosphere is amazing and you can’t help getting swept up it.
    Tegan recently posted…Being a superhero for a dayMy Profile

  6. Jo @ You had us at hello says:

    Living in a small country town sport is HUGE. Our town won 5/6 grand finals this weekend but I don’t play sports myself – not a fan. I love going to AFL footy games to watch but when your team comes last for the season it’s easy to lose interest! lol! The kids enjoyed their first Auskick season and it was great to see husband do a few coaching arvos. Only another 7-8 years more to go!!
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