What one wears to the Polo

What one wears to the poloLast weekend I got a very late call up to attend the polo. As in, a couple of days prior. My husband and I had been to the polo before and had a fabulous time so it was a “hell yes” from us. Last time we went was before kids and my memories are hazy. 10 years will do that. So will the amount of Veuve we drank. But I remembered there being Veuve and that was enough for me. 

Ordinarily I’d spend a fair bit of time planning what I’d wear to this kind of event. Research, shop and obsess. There was no time for any of that so I donned a favourite trench coat dress, a pair of wedges and hoped for the best. It probably missed the mark by just a fraction — more funky than feminine. But I had managed a killer smoky eye and great hair so that made me feel pretty good. The Moët helped too. (We were in the Moët rather than Veuve sponsored area this time.  First World Problems).

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The polo itself was unapologetically upper-crust. A small window into a very rich world. Seriously, the stables were a lot nicer than our house. Of course, we made a little fun: “Bingham, do finish your caviar else you shan’t be riding your pony and you’ll never improve your polo handicap.” But everyone we met was beyond lovely and welcoming — very down to earth.

Just in case you ever receive an invite to the polo and are as stumped as I was as to what to wear, here’s what I learned …

It’s tempting to dress as you would to the races but it’s actually quite a different vibe. More relaxed and more refined. This is not an event where you will find drunk, shoe-less girls at the end of the day. One just doesn’t at the polo dahling. Fascinators are somewhat vulgar but a broad brimmed hat is practical.

What one wears to the polo - fashions

It was very much a classy day-time feel with lots of floral maxis on display. Short skirts, sequins and anything even slightly “night club” are definitely not polo wear. White jeans with tailored shirts were popular. Generally worn with a sheet of pale blonde hair and the smell of money.

Shoes should be practical. No teetering heels. There are divots to stomp. Boots, wedges and stacked heels all did a lovely job of popping the blighters back down.

There were a couple of guys in suits, but most of the male fashion was slightly more eccentric. Probably one of the few events that would let a man go nuts with his fashion choices. Darker jackets and lighter pants were de rigueur. Chinos and checked shirts were everywhere. The more dapper gents wore brightly coloured sports jackets with contrasting pocket squares. Then there were the dress jeans and impressively large belt buckles. There’s always a cowboy or two.

The look is really old money with a preppy twist.
Think the British Royal Family and what would Kate wear?

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Ever been to the polo? Glimpsed riches?
What did you wear?


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  1. Bron says:

    I say old chap it looks like you had a cracking time! Great write up and I think your outfit was PERFECT! I love seeing how the other half live. Thanks for linking up with me on Flat Bum Mum x

  2. Seana says:

    Oh I’ve never been to a polo match and if I go one day I’ll recall these tips, no re-read. Love your dress and hair and the photos from the day. A wee glimpse into other folks’ lives.

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