Pyjama Dressing: How to wear it

Pyjama dressing is shaping up as a huge trend this spring.  Slip dresses, pyjama pants and jackets with a boudoir feel all made an appearance on runways. Unfortunately it doesn’t mean we can roll out of bed, head out without showering and declare ourselves “en vogue”.  There is a subtle art to making this trend work.
Pyjama Dressing: How to wear it

Anchor bedroom-esque pieces with more structured ones

I think this look works best with just a cheeky wink to nighties, pjs and dressing gowns. Rather than leaving people guessing whether you did indeed bother to get dressed. One way to do this is to pair relaxed night-time silhouettes with more tailored ones. A silky camisole with tailored pants. Pyjama pants with a fitted shirt. A belted brocade jacket over jeans and a white shirt. It’s all about the borrow rather than the take-over.

Think about your shoes 

A pair of slipper style loafers are a cute nod to the trend but if you are wearing pyjama pants or a slip dress, consider upping the shoe ante as a point of difference. There were so many fashionistas rocking the pyjama trend at recent shows and they inevitable paired them with killer strappy heels. It’s all part of the “I DIDN’T just roll out of bed” vibe needed to make this trend work.

Accessories are key 

It’s amazing how a carefully chosen accessory can take an outfit from drab to fab. Particularly when wearing very casual pieces, it’s important to add that extra element. Whether it’s a scarf, clutch, pendant necklace or gorgeous earrings. But use them with a deft and restrained hand. This look calls for some refinement rather than OTT pieces.

The full PJ look demands polish (and attitude) 

I’m not sure I’m brave enough to try the full PJ trend but I love it if you are. I’ve been looking at how some very stylish women have worn this look and it’s all about polish and attitude. Hair is sleek (not bed head), make up is on point and shoes are amazing. The pyjamas themselves are slightly cropped, made from great quality fabrics and have a luxury feel. Basically, our Kmart flannies aren’t going to cut it.

It’s all about the details

If you want try this trend, look for the details. Pyjama-style detailing on a shirts like prints, piping, breast pockets and perhaps a self-fabric belt.  Consider just a little hint of lace peeking out from a jacket or a tassel on a shoe giving it that slightly luxe slipper look. It’s a great trend to just dip your toes (but not your bed-socks) into.

I have a Pinterest board filled with more ideas on how to wear this trend.
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Do you love pyjama dressing?
How will you wear it?

18 thoughts on “Pyjama Dressing: How to wear it

  1. Kimba Likes says:

    I have some gorgeous BT striped wide pants perfect for this trend, plus several kimono style dressing gowns that I bought to wear as jackets. Too pretty to wear to bed!

  2. Bron from Flat Bum Mum says:

    Ohhhh I would love the confidence to strut out in pyjamas for the day. Imagine how comfy you would be. Although I find I get no work done in such comfy attire. I need structured clothes to get my brain into gear. Thanks for linking up with me lovely lady. Bron x

  3. Vanessa says:

    This is kind of what my wardrobe is these days. Comfy print pants, basic singlet or top, with a jacket in winter. I even impress myself by not looking like I’ve just crawled out of bed even though I don’t do the glam stuff!
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    • Robyna says:

      You were just way ahead of your time! My girlfriends all reminded me of our wearing our PJs out and about far too often as teenagers when I wrote this post 🙂

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